This page gives information on the beliefs I hold now

MY BELIEFS AS AT 20th August 2018


God is the creator of all and is unconditional love and I am a part of God as is all life, animal, vegetable and mineral. I am therefore part of the whole universe. God expands as all life expands including me. We are all ONE.


Before I define my beliefs I have to discover 'who I really am'. Once I know this I can start to look at my purpose for being on the earth and then how I can fulfil my purpose.


I am mind, body and spirit and when my earthly body is discarded my spirit will reunite with my soul in the unseen Spirit World. My spirit will take back the result of my earthly experience and the progress I have made. I am always connected to my soul, I cannot separate myself from it nor can I separate myself from God or any other living being in the Universe.


I have always existed and always will. My soul exists as a droplet of God in the unseen Spirit World and a portion of my soul has incarnated on the earth for a brief period to have an experience. I am here to enjoy my earthly experience, to do the best I can to expand myself, to live my beliefs and to change as I grow in knowledge and wisdom. As I do this I can teach others, by example, to grow also and to enjoy their earthly lives and change themselves. As each of us grows the whole universe grows and benefits from our growth.


I have lived many earthly lifetimes and will continue to do so. Each experience will be different and I will always have access to the knowledge and wisdom that resides in my soul.


I also have access to God, the Angels and those beings in the Spirit World who teach and help us to understand the purpose of life. I am also able to communicate with my loved ones who have returned to the Spirit World. Everything I experience has a purpose even if I don't see the purpose at the time. I can ask questions and receive answers in many different ways and having asked the question I have to be open and aware and watching for the answer.


I am responsible for the way I live my earthly life in every aspect. I am responsible for my thoughts, words and actions. Unconditional love doesn't judge and the core of my being is unconditional love. If I judge others I am judging myself as we are all ONE. I have to allow others to live according to their beliefs at this moment and realise that we are all at different stages of development and following our chosen routes. I am not seeking happiness and joy. I have to experience happiness and joy where I am at this moment. As I experience this I draw to me more happiness and joy in living. This is a natural law and I cannot change it. My life is a precious gift which I appreciate.


My responsibility is to myself first. As I accept this responsibility I affect a beneficial effect on the whole. This applies to every person in earthly incarnation. I have to celebrate life in all its diversities. I also have to celebrate the death of the earthly life as this leads to further experiences in the unseen Spirit World and possibly in other dimensions.


I am a three dimensional person, mind, body and spirit and I am responsible for keeping each part in tune with the others, i.e. in balance, for this creates my whole person. The wellbeing or otherwise of my whole person contributes to the growth of the whole.


I can receive inspiration and guidance from the Spirit World and also from those on earth. I can pass on inspiration to others by the words that I use, by the actions I take and by the example I set by the way I live my life. As I choose my thoughts and words my actions follow.


I have a Guide or Guardian Angel who came with me when I incarnated. He will stay with me for the whole of my earthly life and I will meet him when I return to the Spirit World. He cannot control my life but gives help and encouragement when I ask. I also have various helpers who come and go depending on what I am doing on my journey as well as family and friends who have gone before me.


I always thought that the problems in our world today were caused by mankind's greed and selfishness. I have changed this opinion and now believe that the need for power and the religions we have created are the main causes of the difficulties we find ourselves in. The need for power leads to control and this leads to the idea that some people are more important than others. We are all the same. We have originated from the same source and will return to the same source. We are all having a life experience and when one person seeks to control the result is fear. The opposite of unconditional love is fear and it is this fear that is prevalent in the world today. The list of fears that people have is endless and until we rid ourselves of these we cannot experience unconditional love. It is not possible to experience both at the same time as they are opposites.


The religions of our world are manmade and have become based on fear rather than love. In the past the teachings of all those who brought the truths of earthly life and its purpose spoke of love. Their purpose was to introduce the universal spirituality of earthly life and not to introduce separate religions where one religion was considered to be the only way to heaven, nivarna or whatever word was used for the afterlife. 


Different religions were started by men and each religion stated that they were right and all the others were wrong. They introduced fear into the minds of the people, often telling them they were born to the earth in sin and had to follow the religion and repent in order to reserve their place in heaven. If they didn't do this they would find themselves in hell for all eternity or purgatory for a while until they saw the errors of their ways and repented. This fear grew and grew until wars were fought over religion and are still being fought. Any religion that seeks to control the minds of the people has become based on fear.


I believe Jesus was not the only son of God as I believe we are all sons and daughters of God. He was a highly evolved Spirit who incarnated to teach by example and a Healer who told his disciples that they and all mankind could do what he did. He also proved eternal life belonged to everyone. I do not believe that we can only get to heaven through Jesus taking away our sins. I believe the Christ Spirit is still working today to help mankind to understand who we are and why we are living this phase of our existence.


I believe there have been many highly evolved Spirits who have incarnated to help mankind, such as Buddha and Mohammad as they all emphasized that loving each other was the way for mankind to move forward.


I believe that we all have healing abilities in many different ways. Healing is not restricted to the laying on of hands but can be carried out by our words and our caring for others. A Healer does not take away the problem but assists, with the help of the Divine Source, the person heal themself.



I return to my belief that God is unconditional love. I ask myself - would a God of love create fear in his/her creation? Who has created hell and purgatory? Mankind has created this. If God is the creator and we have free will we can create what we like and our religions have chosen to create fear. This fear has expanded into all areas of earthly life and if we want to expand and live our purpose and experience a happy and joyful life we have to eradicate fear and live unconditional love. We can choose.


I believe that Heaven or the Spirit World has many levels and when our earthly life is over we return to the level we have reached. This applies to everyone. There is no such place as hell. Why would a God of love create hell. We can create our own hell by believing it exists. I believe we incarnate for a purpose which we have agree to before we incarnate and we choose our parents as they will help us to achieve our purpose. I believe we incarnate many times for different purposes and we belong to group souls. When we return to the Spirit World we reflect on the life we have led, in other words we judge ourselves rather than being judged. When we return we will still be learning as learning is not limited to earthly life.


As we make our choices we are contribution in creation for all our choices affect the whole, not just ourselves.



Before we can begin to live our beliefs we have to define our beliefs. We have to decide what we believe and at the same time realise that these will expand and grow. It doesn't matter what our beliefs are at this moment providing they pass the test of uncondional love. If they do not pass this test then we need to take a closer look at the beliefs we are holding. We also need to remember that we must learn to live our unconditional love beliefs.


I believe in the Law of Attraction and that what I am thinking draws more of the same towards me. If I desire understanding and am asking for it the universe will supply it. We live in a universe of abundance so having thoughts of lack will draw more lack to me whereas if I desire abundance in any area of my life I can draw this to me. I can choose what I desire and draw it to me always.


I am not my mind or body and therefore I am my spirit or soul. God is the spirit or soul of the Universe and if I am spirit then I am also a co-creator with  God. In the Bible God is also called I AM that I AM. Thus I can call myself I AM as can everyone.


I ask myself, who of what is God? I believe that God is the energy in the Universe which holds everything together. The Scientists have discovered that there is an energy everywhere which they are unable to understand at the moment but they are working on it. We have given this energy many different names depending on which religion we are following. We are all composed of this energy.


If I am using the Law of Attraction in my life to manifest what I desire, I have to choose my thoughts and words very carefully. For example, I have to believe I already have what I desire. If I state that I need or want something I am actually stating that I am lacking that thing and will therefore attract more lack. 


However, if I start my statement with I AM unconditional love then I will give out love and receive love. If I state I AM happy I will attract more happiness. If I state I AM wealthy, I will attract wealth in all areas of my life. So I have to prefix my statements with I AM and ensure that I always follow these words with positive words of what I desire. For example:










If I listen to what other people are saying I will notice how often people say, I am followed by a negative statement. They are therefore drawing negative results.


The way I feel about myself and my life tells me whether I am in balance with my mind, body and spirit. If I feel bad then I am out of balance and if I feel good I am in balance. If I find that I am feeling bad then I have to discover a way of changing my feeling to one of happiness and joy. Only I can do this and it is my responsibility to find the ways in which I can do this. If I wallow in self pity and feeling that my life is unfair then I am harming myself and others. I am not using the beliefs and knowledge that I have and will be teaching others, by example, that I believe one thing and live the opposite.


I have to live my beliefs in order to be able to teach others as people learn by example. I also have to allow myself forgiveness when I fall short in this regard.

Pat Peacock