The first month of 2020 is over. Let us begin February by asking ourselves whether we used the first month of the year in the best way possible.

January is often a month when we feel sluggish and not wanting to get on and do very much. At the beginning of the month we may have decided that we were going to start the new year by clearing out our rubbish and having a fresh start. Did we do this? I am sure that like others I cleared out a few things and left the rest. I still have a long way to go to remove the things I no longer use or want. Three little words keep popping into my mind – DO IT NOW! We all know the feeling when we have a backlog of jobs to do and can’t make up our minds which to do first so we end up by doing none of the jobs and another day passes by and the list becomes longer.

We need to wake up to the fact that the longer we put off things the more difficult it becomes to do the job. If we want to feel happy and free and enjoy our lives we have to learn to live without regrets. It is these regrets which cause us unhappiness and often to others as well. How often do we put off contacting someone to say sorry for the words we have said and the tone of voice we have used? How often do we think that a problem will go away if we ignore it?

If we become more aware of why we feel unhappy or dissatisfied with our lives we can begin to change the way we live and begin to feel the joy of living.

Ask yourself the question – if I put off something which I should have tackled weeks’ ago, how do I feel when the job has finally been done? We have all done this and found that in the end it was not as difficult as we thought it was going to be and have felt a great feeling of relief once it has been done and finished.

Many people have regrets after the passing of a loved one because they hadn’t settled a difference between them or hadn’t told the person how much they meant to them. As Spiritualists we are fortunate in the knowledge that our loved ones can communicate with us from the Spirit World and can receive our thoughts. However it is still much better for both parties if our differences are settled before one passes.

Is there something that you should be doing now? Have you had a good idea which you have not done anything about? Have you put off writing a letter or telephoning someone?

There are more distractions in our world today than ever before. We are distracted by our computers with emails popping in all the time, our mobile phones and text messages which have to be answered, news on telephone and radio which prevents us from our purpose. How often have you planned to do something and have been diverted from the distractions in your day?

There are times when it’s necessary for us to switch off these distractions so that we can focus on one thing at a time. It is only by focussing in this way that we can achieve what we have planned.

When we attend a Service we are asked to switch off our mobile phones but we also need to be able to switch off our minds from the material side of life and focus on the spirituality of the Service and the messages that the Service is bringing us. Every Service has a message for every person attending somewhere within it and if we open our awareness to this we will all leave the Service having received what we needed and feeling uplifted.

Many people who attend Spiritualist Services have been doing so for a long while and have had many messages from their loved ones in Spirit. They know that life is eternal and that their loved ones are close to them. For newcomers they need to receive their own proof that their loved ones are communicating with them. However, these are not the only messages that we can receive when we attend a Service. Our messages can be received from any part of the Service or from someone we meet and talk with before or after the Service. In order for us to truly benefit we have to leave our material thoughts outside and focus on really listening to everything which is being said.

All our beliefs are slightly different and sometimes we hear things which do not fit in with our current beliefs. This doesn’t matter as it makes us stop and think about our beliefs and why we disagree with what we have heard. Unless we can learn to focus on what is being said we are unable to hear what we need to hear. We can change our attitude at any time – let’s DO IT NOW.

When we start a job, whatever it is, let us finish it. Let us clear away the clutter both material and the clutter in our minds. Let us carry out what needs to be done and then put it behind us, completed and part of our history. Let us free ourselves from being distracted and allow ourselves the freedom to enjoy life. Let us have an agreement with ourselves that, no matter what, we are going to be happy with what we are now and in the future without allowing anything to spoil our lives.

Let us meditate regularly and link more often with our Guides and Helpers. Let us learn to ask them questions and receive our answers. Let us feel the freedom which is ours and let us DO IT NOW.

With love & light


* * * * * * 


I hope that you all had a very good Christmas and I wish you all a very happy, joyful and peaceful New Year.

Before we start 2020 let us pause a moment and reflect on the year which has just passed. At the beginning of 2019 we all had different intentions as to what we hoped to achieve during that year. We may have managed to achieve some of those things, set aside others and changed our intentions as the year progressed. Now we are at the start of another new year and we are all standing at a different place in life.

We cannot go back and change what we did last year as that is now history we can only look at where we are now for living in the NOW is the only way we can live. This year will bring different opportunities to all of us and our only starting point is this very moment.

Let us take a look at ourselves and understand who we are, why we are here, where we are on our journey and whether we are fulfilling our purpose. We know that we are spiritual beings and at this moment we are inhabiting a human body. We are co-creators and as such we are creating our lives in every moment. When we came to earth in these bodies it was our intention to enjoy the experience and to benefit from all the opportunities we attracted to us.

We are living in an every changing, evolving world and as a result we are also changing and evolving at the same time as we are part of the whole. We are not only linked to each other but we are also linked to all forms of life including the earth itself. The changes around us are becoming more and more evident and these changes are being reflected in the way we are thinking about life.

Joy is such a small word but it is very strong and powerful. We can experience joy in so many different ways. Each of us will have experienced joy in our lives from the birth of a baby, baby's first smile, happy relationships, a beautiful blue sky, the beauty of nature, the love we receive from those around us and the love of life itself.

Let us become more aware of everything that brings us a feeling of joy this year. Let us notice all the wonders of life and really feel the joy within ourselves remembering that it isn't only what we receive through our physical senses that can bring us joy but the greatest joy we feel comes through our spiritual awareness of who we really are.

As we set our intentions for 2020 let us really put the joy of living at the top of our list. Let us welcome the changes rather than fear them and learn to work together for the benefit of everyone.

When I was a child we used to sing a chorus which went:

Joy, joy, joy with joy my heart is singing

Joy, joy, joy your love to me is known

I'm on my way to heaven

Singing joy, joy, joy.

I always thought that joy was something I would find when I died and went to heaven but now I believe that we are creating our heaven here on earth. We do not have to wait for the next phase of our existence. We can live a heavenly life on earth if we choose to do so. The choice is ours to make every moment of our lives.

We can look for joy and inspiration every moment, wherever we are or whatever is occurring in our lives. It is how we are feeling that is important. We all have many unanswered questions about life but within us lies the answers, within our spirit which is all knowing. We have a great gift which we so often take for granted. We have the gift of life which can never be taken away from us.

During the Christmas period we have all given and received gifts from our loved ones. These gifts are symbolic, they are material gifts and as such they perish as time passes. The gift of life is everlasting and we have the opportunity to make of it whatever we choose.

Let us choose to travel into 2020 with the intention of exploring more deeply our spiritual nature and how we can live joyfully during this year. The more joy we feel the greater impact we will have on ourselves and those we meet. We will uplift ourselves and others. We will experience the wonder and love of life and maybe for the first time we will discover how precious our life is.

It is up to each one of us to decide what we want to create this year. If we start now by creating joy in our lives we will create wonderful lives. We will learn how to accept the changes in our world and the changes we are feeling within ourselves. We will be able to put aside those things which we discover are no longer important and focus on the opportunities that are here for each one of us.

Let us not delay any longer is finding joy. Let's start now, this very moment. We will find that joy is not as illusive as we thought, we can claim it, it is already within us, we were born with it, we just have to remember. Let us dance to the tune of joy. Let us remember this every day when we wake up. Let us give thanks for it every night when we go to bed. Let us be joyful in living and we will find that we will remember that we are also unconditional love.

With love & light


* * * * * *