How often have you heard that phrase, especially when you are wanting something that you cannot afford to buy.


I received an email this week that made me stop and think.    


A very wealthy Farmer took his Son to see how poor people lived so that he could appreciate what he had. After the visit he asked his Son what he had learned from the visit and the response he received was very surprising. His Son said that he had learned –


          ‘I saw that we have one dog and they had four.


          We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end.


          We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night.


          Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon.


          We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight.


          We have servants who serve us, but they serve others.


          We buy our food, but they grow theirs


          We have walls around our property to protect us. They have friends to protect them.’


The Son then added –


          “Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are!”


It all depends on how you view a situation and whether you look for the good or bad points. This story illustrates the different ways in which we can look at the same situation. Look at your present situation and see whether you can see it in a different light. I’m sure you’ll be surprised at what you discover.


What are the most important things in life that are free? What can we give and receive that are free? When you stop to consider this you’ll make many discoveries.


It doesn’t cost anything to give a cheery smile to someone and having given it you still have more to give. The more smiles you give the more you receive back.


It doesn’t cost anything to listen to someone, other than your time, and have you noticed that when you give your time to someone you find, in some strange way, you have more time left than you thought you had.     If you’re prepared to listen to someone you’ll also find that others will listen to you. Have you ever shared a problem with someone and in the sharing either found the solution yourself or the person has made a suggestion that solved the problem?


It doesn’t cost anything to step outside your door and marvel at the beauty of nature. It may be your own garden that you are looking at or a tree in someone else’s garden or a distant view. The cost of looking at nature is nil even a tiny flower growing out of rubble can bring inspiration as you consider the strength of that flower growing in such a poor environment.


One of the most important things that we can give is encouragement.    When life is particularly difficult, with problems that appear to be unsolvable, encouragement from others is a very precious gift. If you can encourage someone, in whatever they are doing, you will boost their own self confidence, make their situation seem better, prevent them from giving up and help them on their road to success. We all need to bear this in mind whatever our circumstances.


Within our development Circles encouragement is very important. This is something that every member of the Circle can give and receive. The cost is nil, the value is immense. Encouragement shows that you have a belief in that person and that you are certain they will succeed in whatever they are doing. As you give encouragement to others you will find that the amount of encouragement you receive will exceed your wildest dreams.     It is a tremendous boost to your self-confidence when you know that others have a belief in you. It strengthens your resolve to persist and increases your determination to succeed no matter what your aims.


At this time of the year many young people are sitting exams in preparation for going on to College or University or leaving school to find jobs. Many of them are feeling anxious about their futures and need encouragement to do their best. If you have children or grandchildren sitting important exams this year do bear in mind how important your encouragement is to the results they obtain.


Think back to the people who made a difference to your life by encouraging you. As you received this help in the past remember to pass it on to those who need it now. Replace any criticism you may feel with concentrating on the positive aspect of all situations. It will make you feel better yourself as well as give a large boost to someone else.


As the story above illustrates there are always two sides to every situation. This month let’s try and look for the better side of everything.


Before we begin to criticise something or someone let us take a moment to find something positive and encouraging to say. The benefit you will reap will far outweigh the time it has taken to pause for a few moments before speaking.


With love & light,


* * * * * * * * 




These words come from the beginning of a hymn. Let us consider the prayers we send out deliberately asking for something and the unexpressed thoughts we are sending out, some positive and some negative. Have you ever considered that your thoughts as unexpressed prayers?

When we pray we are usually asking God for help for ourselves or for others. If we are praying for healing we are sending our thoughts out knowing that they will be heard and answers will be given and the person will feel the benefit of our thoughts. We have to be careful that we are asking for what is best for the person and not what we want the result to be. It may be that it is not the physical healing of the condition, which we want, as it may be the person's time to pass to the Spirit World and the healing will be to help them to feel at peace and pass easily and without pain. This is why we must always ask for what is best for the person.

How often do we say thank you for the answers to our prayers? Do we expect our prayers to be answered in a certain way rather than becoming more aware of our answers in whichever way we receive them? For example, our answer may come from a conversation with a friend, a stranger, from a book, from the television or radio, a poster or by a thought being dropped into our mind. We have to have open minds and become more aware of everything around us, appreciate everything we have and the result will be happy and fulfilled lives.


If we are happy we will pass on that happiness to others as it is contagious.


As we journey through our earthly life we have thoughts going through our minds all the time, some of them positive and some negative. We need to understand that all of our thoughts have an effect whether positive or negative. This is why we should be aware what we are thinking. We are all aware that there are many problems in our world today which will never be solved unless we stop dwelling on the problems in a negative way.


Positive thoughts bring positive results so the opposite must also be true. Too many people dwell on the negative side of the world situation so making things worse. We all hear from the media about the bad things which are going on and far less about the wonderful work that people are doing to help those who are in desperate need. If we can have positive thoughts about the good that is being done we will be helping rather than hindering the process of improving our world for everyone.


We have to choose our words carefully when communicating with people or we will cause upset and disputes which can become very difficult to rectify especially if allowed to fester for a long time. They can cause family and friendship splits which can last for years and sometimes are never healed. They can also cause problems between nations and wars to start.


However, do we realize that our thoughts can have the same effect. If we send out negative thoughts to people or situations they will also reach their destination and have negative results not only for where we are sending them but also for ourselves. If we have judgmental thoughts about someone they have the same effect. Rather than judging a person or situation we should send out a positive thought and surround them with love and light.


We all have problems in our lives which we are trying to solve. We have decisions or choices to make which are sometimes easy and sometimes difficult. We can make our problems more difficult with our negative thoughts or easier to solve by being positive about the outcome. We all have a choice.


We cannot solve the difficulties that others are experiencing. We can send positive thoughts to them, surrounding them with love and light. We can send out prayers that they will receive the help they need to enable them to receive the answers to enable them to move forward. So often we see the negative result of a problem rather than a positive result and this keeps us tied to the problem. If we can see a positive result then we will make progress and we will find a way of solving the situation and it will become a problem solved, from which we have learned, and part of our history rather than our present or future.


As we become more aware of our thoughts as unexpressed prayers and deal with them we will find the inner peace which we seek. As we find this peace we will begin to radiate it from our inner being and pass it on to others. We will be spreading peace to our world and playing our part in the evolution of a more peaceful world for everyone to enjoy. We are all creating whether we are aware of it or not. Let us become more aware of what we are creating with the choices we make and realize that our choices affect all mankind and not just ourselves.


Let us choose to do the very best we can with every event which occurs in our lives. Let us stop finding the negative in every situation and always look for the positive, let us stop judging and pour love and light and let it flow out from each of us into the world and the universe. Let us not wait to start tomorrow or next week but begin NOW this very moment.


Let us always remember to be grateful for everything we have and receive. Let us enjoy the wonder and beauty of nature. Everything is now blossoming, nature is showing its beautiful colours for us to put the winter behind us and be grateful that Spring has arrived. Let us all appreciate the renewal that is all around us.


With love & light,