“No matter what you are looking at, you can find something wrong with it, something imperfect, something that is not okay with you. Don't worry, if you look hard enough you'll find it.


There is also something 'right' with everything. No matter what you are looking at, you can find something right with it, something perfect.


There remains, then, only one question: What are you going to look at? What are you choosing to notice? What is your perspective? “

Neale Donald Walsch


As I sat to write this newsletter the above popped into my inbox and it made me stop and think. Neale Donald Walsch has written many books including Conversations with God which is in three volumes and well worth reading. They give another perspective on our relationship to God and the Universe.


Whatever is happening in our lives at the present time we have a choice as to how we perceive it. We can choose to dwell on the downside or the upside and whichever way we decide to view it will result in how we feel about the situation. The choice is always up to us.


The first three months of the year have passed and now we have reached the springtime. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, we can feel the warmth returning and we should be feeling happy with life. But are we?


Let us start to look at the bigger picture of life and discover what really matters. Let us put aside the petty annoyances that we all experience and experience the joy of living this life. Let us choose to feel that life is really wonderful and worth living instead of looking at what is wrong with our lives.


Easter is a time of celebration and proof that life is eternal and that this eathly life is a small part or phase of each of our lives. We can choose to enjoy our life or put up with it. The choice is always up to us. If we want to experience happiness in our lives then we have to change our perspective and always look for the good things.


This time of the year is the best time to start living in this way as we are surrounded by all the beauty of nature, longer hours of daylight to enjoy and we can put the darkness of winter behind us. We can choose to appreciate the re-growth that is all around us and enjoy the colourful flowers and blossom. We can choose to come out of hibernation, go out and really see the changing world in which we live. We can choose to put a happy smile on our faces and this will change the way we feel as well and also help those who we meet.


Begone winter ailments, this is spring and our energy is returning and with the return of more energy we can fulfil our dreams of how we want our lives to be. Let us look for the new opportunities that are available for all of us. Let us really start to live and not just exist. Let us look at what is really important in our lives and put aside those things which hinder our progress. Let us ask ourselves how many hours in the day we work at something we don’t want to do or don’t enjoy and how many hours of the day we really enjoy.


We renew our energy as we sleep but this only happens if we go to sleep feeling happy with a smile on our face. If we go to sleep worrying about anything we have a restless night and don’t benefit from the regeneration of our bodies. If we have restless nights and wake feeling tired there is a solution. Before you go to sleep let your thoughts be on appreciation of all the good things that have happened during your day and remember to put a smile on your face as you close your eyes. Whatever you do don’t let your worries prevent you from having a good night. If you wake during the night think again of the good things that happened during the previous day and the good things which are going to occur the following day.


Learn to use your imagination in a positive way. As you imagine enjoying a wonderful life that is how your life will unfold. The choice is yours. You can either plod along in the same old way or decide that you will intend to live the life you really desire. Remember this is your life and you deserve to enjoy it and nothing or nobody is going to prevent this. Your thoughts are always your own and it is up to you to remember that you are a divine spirit temporarily inhabiting a human body. Your divine spirit has the power to create the life that you desire – it is up to you.


Put a spring in your step as you embrace the changing season. Put a smile on your face as you appreciate all the wonders around you. Choose to move forward in your life and change your perspective to one of enjoyment and appreciation of everything that surrounds your life. Learn to appreciate your divinity and not just your human form.


As you look at other people realise that they are also divine spirits whether they are aware of it or not. They are also living a divine life temporarily in a human body and they are also learning to understand the purpose of their life. We may not always agree with them but as we make our choices they are doing the same.


Let us make the choice to perceive life from the standpoint of appreciation. We have the gift of life and can choose to enjoy the experience starting where we are today at this moment in time.


Celebrate your life.


With love & light



 God, give us eyes to see the beauty of the Spring,

And to behold your majesty in every living thing

And may we see in lacy leaves and every budding flower

The hand that rules the universe with gentleness and power

And give us ears to hear, dear God, the Springtime song of birds

With messages ore meaningful than man's often empty words

Telling harried human beings who are lost in dark despair

Be like us and do not worry

For God has you in His care.

Helen Steiner Rice


Spring is just round the corner rain, dismal and cold!     The snowdrops and daffodils are out and the other bulbs are growing fast.    


Springtime has a feel of newness about it.   The winter can be laid to rest and we can go into the springtime with renewed energy and resolve to start again.      It is time to clear out the rubbish from our homes and look at the beliefs we hold to see how we have changed some of them. Hopefully you've had time to think about where you're going and how you are proposing to go forward. It is wonderful to have knowledge but if it isn't used and remains solely within your mind then it doesn't lead you forward.


However long we have lived or been interested in Spiritualism we have all learned something that we should be putting to use in our lives. We have all come from different backgrounds with various spiritual beliefs and every now and then we need to look at our beliefs to see how they are changing.


Our beliefs make a difference to the way we live our lives and affect the people we meet along the way as well as our close family and friends. There are many people who hold back and are afraid to admit their beliefs to other people. If we deny our beliefs then we also deny the other person the opportunity of asking questions and they may be in need of some answers that we can give.


If we believe in communication between the two worlds then we should not be afraid to admit it. I know that sometimes this communication is not portrayed in a very good light via the media but if you are seeking confirmation that life is eternal there is good evidence to support this belief. The questions of life that remain unanswered do have answers, spiritual answers, and we should continue asking our questions as this is how we learn.


If someone asks you what you believe it makes you stop and consider what you truly believe and their subsequent questions will make you search further into your beliefs. We are all looking for proof that our loved ones are alive in the Spirit World and they are able to communicate with us. Sometimes we are so eager to believe that we will accept anything as proof without making quite certain. Mediumship in the form of clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience is the gateway to understanding that there is no death. Our loved ones are happy to give us this proof.


There are also the Guides, Helpers and Teachers in the Spirit World who wish to give us so much more. They are wanting to help us to understand that there is purpose to life, it's not an accident that we are living on the earth, at this time, in this particular place. Each of us has our own purpose that fits in with the overall purpose of earthly and spiritual life. There is a special spot reserved for each of us to inhabit and it is this niche that is so important for us to discover.


We fail to realise sometimes that within ourselves we have far more knowledge than we realise and the wisdom to use this knowledge is what we need. We are often too busy looking outside ourselves rather than looking within. We have been given thinking minds and freewill and we should all use these gifts.


We limit ourselves by thinking that we can only learn in one way, from attending a particular course or school and that when we leave school our learning ceases. Once we cease learning we limit our lives to what we already know. The School of Life is endless and we are all pupils in this School both when on earth and in spirit. The School of Life exists all the time and whether we benefit from it or not is entirely up to us. We can choose to learn or close our minds and stagnate.


The springtime brings new life, new hope, new ideas, renewed energy and we can choose whether to enjoy these new opportunities.   We need to wake up to all the possibilities of life and realise that our spiritual qualities must be awakened. There are many changes occurring in the world at the present time and the spiritual values are becoming more and more important. This is not to say that we can neglect the material side of life as we need this also whilst we are living on the earth. It is learning to find balance in our lives, living the material life in a spiritual way.


To live life fully we have to be awake to everything that is around us. To listen to what people are saying, to notice when someone needs help, to enjoy the beauty that is around us and be grateful for everything that we have.


However difficult life may have become, however many problems there may be, remember the snowdrops and learn from their example. They are heralding spring. They have pushed their way through the hard, cold earth and have triumphed in bringing us such beautiful flowers to enjoy.


We also can and will overcome our problems whatever they may be and emerge triumphant. We will be stronger people as a result of solving our problems, we will have a greater understanding of our spiritual nature and have a firm belief that as spiritual beings we are temporarily inhabiting our physical body.


May the springtime bring you all fresh energy and the wisdom to use your spiritual gifts.


With love & light