During the past month many of us have been more confined to our homes than usual due to illness and the weather.  I hope that during this time you have begun to reflect on your attitude towards gratitude and have introduced the daily practice of gratitude in everything that you do.  Do remember that if you start and end each day with these thoughts it will change the way you look at the events of each day.


Traditionally clearing our homes and cleaning more thoroughly is thought of as a job to do during the Spring.  I know that this is only February but it is a good time to start clearing your space.


Whilst you have been confined to your home you have probably looked around and realised that there are things which need to be done and excess items which you no longer require.  Those items may well be things that other people need.    I have found a number of items in my home that are gathering dust, I shall never use and are taking up space that I need for something else.


It isn’t just material items, it is more importantly those long held beliefs that clog our minds and prevent us from moving forward. We have beliefs that are associated with our childhood that no longer belong to the knowledge that we have acquired over the years.  The realisation of what the earthly life really is and it’s purpose, ‘who we really are’ and why we are here are the things we should be addressing.


Have you ever asked yourself why you chose to be born to your parents, in a particular location and what you learned from them and other members of your chosen family.  Pause for a while and ask yourself ‘why did I choose my family’? What did I learn from them and how have they helped me create the life I am living now?


Reflect on your childhood and the teaching you received, both from home, family and education.  What important things did you learn about life from them.  As you reflect, write down your findings and then look forward to the people you have met during your adult life and the influence they have had on your life.  You will have met many different people – have they changed your views on early life?  If so write down how you have started to change as the years have gone by. 


You will be surprised at what you discover about yourself and the changes you have made because of the people you have met.  You may also have been influenced by the reading you have done, the books and magazines you have read, the media, the news reports, the advertisements you have seen.  All these things will have had an effect on you and are still a part of your life.


As you write down your findings you will discover there is a definite link between the people, events and what has occurred in your life.  I think of this as a silver chain which has made me the person I have created and am still creating.  Yes, it will take some time to do this but the end result will be worth it.


It is easier to get rid of an object than a belief, especially one that has been held for a long time.  The more we learn about Spiritualism the more important it is that we let go of our outdated beliefs.  As children many of us were taught that God and Jesus lived above the bright blue sky or that God doesn’t exist and everything happens by chance!  The understanding that our philosophy brings is that God is everywhere, in everything thing including ourselves not in a far distant place that we cannot envisage.  God is the energy which holds everything in place and because of this we are all connected to each other and to every other living being of whichever form.  We cannot separate ourselves from any other form of life.  We are eternally linked.


For a long while Scientists have refused to accept that there is anything when our earthly lives are over.  Now many Scientists are discovering evidence for themselves that there is something more to life that we see with our physical eyes.  A great many experiments are now being carried out on what thoughts are and the effect they have on ourselves and others.


Spiritualists believe that our thoughts are very important and that they can have an enormous effect on ourselves, our environment and other people.  This is proved on a daily basis by the results of absent healing thoughts which help so many people. There are still many unanswered questions as to how our thoughts travel and how we obtain the desired effect from them but we do know that they travel vast distances and the person sending the thought receives back what they give out.


This month is a time for continuing with reflections on how we can each improve our lives and make them really how we wish them to be.  Once we have cleared the space in our homes we can begin to look at our beliefs, our regrets, our antagonistic thoughts of someone, our blaming others for the problems in our lives and begin to replace these with thoughts of love for ourselves.  If we are able to love ourselves, warts and all, then we will find that it is much easier to love others, forgive others and lay the past to rest.


Ask yourself, ‘who is in charge of the life you are living’?  Accept that this is your life and the person in charge is you.  Whatever you think is wrong with your life at the moment you can take charge of and alter.  Begin with clearing your space of material articles, your thoughts and beliefs and you will find that your life will be happier and you will have more confidence in everything that you do.


Make this year the time you really begin to live in tune with your beliefs, make a difference to your life, understand ‘who you really are’ and you will make a difference to the lives of others.


With love & light


* * * * * * * 

                               JANUARY 2018 NEWSLETTER 



A far faint streak of golden light has fallen on the sleeping earth

And at this season, to the heart there comes the hint of hope's rebirth

This is the time of new beginnings, and though the day be cold and drear -

This is a new and lovely morning.   This is the sunrise of the year.

Patience Strong


I have never thought of the New Year as being the sunrise of the year but the more I read the words the more I felt they were very appropriate for the January newsletter.


Sunrise is a lovely time of day. There is a newness about it. A new day is dawning full of new possibilities, opportunities and choices to be made.    The same applies to the beginning of a new year. As a new day unfolds gradually so does the year ahead of us.  One year has ended and another is beginning.


Our lives unfold gradually as we travel along our journey of life and we create with the choices we make. Last year held many surprises, some we welcomed and some we may have wished hadn't happened. However, we will have learned some things from last year which we will carry forward into 2018 to help us on our journey. It's good to reflect on the past briefly and lay to rest those things we can no longer change and change the things we can.


There will be things that we intended to do in 2017 which didn't happen and other things that we did achieve. It's also possible that the things we didn't achieve in 2017 we can still do in 2018.


The important thing is to know where we are going.  We have all reached a certain point in our journey and as we go into the New Year we are not starting a new journey but are continuing our journey. We may have new ideas for this year and new things we want to do. Many of these ideas will have been the result of what we learned last year.


Some people make New Year's Resolutions each year and before the end of January they have been forgotten. Some people have given up making New Year's Resolutions as they know that they won't keep them for very long.  Another idea is to call them our Intentions for the year or the Choices we are going to make. Because we cannot see into the future we don't know what events will occur in our individual lives, nor in the outside world, which may change the course of our journeys.


The Intentions we have at the beginning of the year may alter for many reasons that we can't foresee at the moment. This is why our Intentions have to be flexible to cope with changing circumstances. We can change our minds at any time as we are continually making new choices as we journey along.


If we have no idea of what we want to do with our lives we will wander aimlessly and find that we are existing rather than living.  This is why it's important to have Intentions, to decide what we want to do or how we want our lives to be in the year just beginning.


Everyone will have different Intentions depending on where they have reached on their journey.  At the same time we can all have the Intention to become more caring, better people and to make the time to find peace within ourselves and spread that peace to others.  We can all find a few moments every day for this and send out healing for all the needy people in the world.  If everyone started the year with that Intention we would all be making a difference.


We all have so much to learn and as we receive communication from those in the Spirit World we can also receive from everyone we meet, wherever we may meet them.  We should be listening to everything that is going on around us and not always be the one who is doing the talking. We may not always agree with what we are hearing but, if this is the case, we can listen and not be so ready to jump in and start an argument. So many arguments are started because everyone feels that they always have to be right.


Sometimes it is our own inner voice we should be listening to.  Our inner voice or higher consciousness is there for our guidance. We may not always like what we are hearing but if we can learn to listen we will find that the guidance will be very helpful to us.  How often have we done something and then said to ourselves - 'I knew I should have done it a different way or made a different choice'?


People who always think they are right can be very difficult to listen to and sometimes the best option is to walk away or change the subject.   Nobody is right all the time as everyone is still learning, none of us has reached perfection.


Everyone has an ability that they are not using at the moment. That ability is waiting to be recognised and used.  Often we need courage to try something new but once we have overcome our reluctance we have found that using it has proved to be a very important milestone in our lives.


Let us move forward into 2018 with the Intention to make it a better year than 2017 for everyone. As we create more peace and harmony in our lives we will find that we have also created more love.  We will find that we are really living our journey and no longer existing. We will have more purpose.  We will achieve the things we set out to do and at the end of 2018 we will be able to reflect on a year when we have created a better life, have a closer link with our spiritual selves, have felt more at peace with ourselves and those around us and have put more enjoyment and love into our journey.


My good wishes to everyone for a peaceful, happy and loving 2018.


With love & light,


* * * * * *