You are perfect just the way you are.


Yes, yes, I and I have lots of the same

judgments about ourselves. But you know what? God

holds none of these judgments.


If you saw yourself as God sees you, you would smile

a lot.


So smile. And go forth now into your day, sharing the

wonder of Who You Are and who you now choose to



N.W. Walsch

Author of Conversations with God


What is perfection? It is in the eye of the beholder. What one person sees as perfect another will find a flaw.


You are a Spirit temporarily inhabiting a human body. Your Spirit is perfect – it cannot be anything but perfect. The choices you make as you live your life direct your journey. The more you judge yourself as being less than perfect the poorer your journey.


We all have standards and when we meet people with different standards we judge them. How do we know which are the right standards to follow. We have all had different upbringings and the standards we follow have been taught to us by our family, education and the people we admire.    Our judging starts when we meet people who behave differently from ourselves. For example, they may dress differently, speak with a different accent, have different interests or hobbies and different beliefs.


Whoever we are and whatever our upbringing we have all come from the same place and will all be returning to the same place. We are all linked by this fact and none of us can escape from this.


We also judge ourselves and sometimes more than we judge others. We look at the things which have gone wrong in our lives and often wish we had made different choices in the past. This has the effect of lowering our self esteem and confidence. We have a low opinion of ourselves and forget that we are Spirit and are therefore perfect. None of the choices we have made in our lives have been wrong as we have learned something important from everything we have done in our lives. We may not have learned it at the time but later on when we look back we realise the lessons we have learned from these experiences.


Every day we make choices of one sort or another – we cannot live life without doing this. Even the basic choice of what to wear is something that we do naturally when we get up. Sometimes the choice is due to the weather and sometimes we are attracted to wear a certain colour. Have you ever wondered why some days you want to wear a certain colour? We tend to wear the warm colours, red, orange and yellow when our physical energy is low, green when we feel a little out of balance, blue, indigo and violet when we are involved more in activities of a healing or spiritual nature. If we ask ourselves how we feel we will be drawn to our choice of colour.


If we find ourselves having difficulty in making a decision about anything we should pause for a while, our Spirit knows the best choice we can make in every situation, and ask our Spirit for guidance. We should enjoy every experience of life and understand that perfection is not a life that gives you everything at the moment you ask but a life of varied experiences which continue to lead us forward. Ask yourself at the end of the day – What have I learned today that will help me to move forward tomorrow?


Have you ever wondered what effect the choices you make have on others? Have you ever tried to make a choice for someone else – most of us have and failed. We can only make our own choices and allow others to do the same. In the same way we cannot allow others to make our choices.


We choose the words which we use and the tone of voice when we say them. The relationships we have with others result from these choices. Our relationships also affect our happiness. It isn’t only our relationship with other people but also our relationship with ourselves. The more we judge ourselves the worse our relationship and the more difficult life becomes. Do we really want to create this?


Let us begin to see our inner perfection and the inner perfection of others. Let us realise that, from our Spiritualist beliefs, we know that life is eternal. We know that we will be reunited with our loved ones who are already in the Spirit World and that in the meantime they are very close to us even if we are unable to see them with our physical eyes. It is love that cannot be broken which links us.


Let us make a choice that we accept who we are, see our perfection and the perfection in others and be less quick to judge. We are all at a different stage of our journey and are doing the right thing.


With love & light,


* * * * * *





The first half of 2019 has passed. We cannot reclaim it - it's history. We can ask ourselves how we used the first half of the year and what we have learned during those months and the various choices we made. When we look back at those months will we find that we have taken steps forward on our spiritual journey? Will we have solved any of the challenges that we were left with at the end of 2018? I hope that the answer to these questions is, yes.


Living a life that matters doesn't happen by accident. It's not a matter of circumstance but choice.


What does really matter? How will the value of our days be measured? What will we be remembered for and by whom? Think of the people you have known who are now in Spirit. How do you remember them?


We remember people not for what they owned or looked like but for what they did, how they lived, how they enriched our lives and the example they set.


We are each living unique lives which we are creating from the choices that we make. Each day there are choices to be made from the trivial to the important and these choices make a difference to the pattern of our lives. We are creating our own tapestry and day by day we are filling in the details. Each tapestry will be different according to the choices we make.


There are times when we make definite decisions to create something and other days when we plod along on the same familiar path. It is the choice to do something different which enhances our tapestry and adds additional colour to it. Ask yourself how long is it since you decided to try something new, to have a go and see whether you are successful. Trying something new can be a very important choice and can lead you into a completely different pathway.


At some time you chose to enter a Spiritualist Church. The reason will be different for each of us but look at the difference it made to your life. It set you on a new path of discovery. You may have been unsure as to whether your life was purely material for a set number of years and you discovered that life is eternal and those people you thought were dead and gone were alive in the Spirit World and were able to communicate with you. You received a message from them and began to realise there was much more to life than you had imagined.


How did it alter your life? What differences did it make to the way in which you viewed each day? Are you a happier person as a result? Are you striving to learn more? Have you started to create a new life as a result of what you have learned? Do you talk about your discoveries to the people you meet?


These are the questions we should be asking ourselves and as we come to the half way point in the year we can begin by asking ourselves what new things we have learned this year. The answer will be different for each person as we all started the year at a different point in our journey. It doesn't matter where we were at the beginning of the year, the important thing is where we are NOW.


Although we may not realise it we are all teachers. We may teach with the words that we use or the example that we set in the way we live our own lives. We know that children learn by the example set by those who are closest to them and this continues right through our lives. We learn from each other. Sometimes we learn what to do and at other times we learn what not to do.


It's easy to look at the people around us and judge them for what they are doing without understanding why they live in the way they do. There are people who will be judging us in the same way. Because we are all travelling a unique journey, we have to learn to allow others to lead their lives in the way they choose and allow ourselves to make the choices for our own lives.


We are all travelling at our own pace, some faster and some slower. Life isn't a race to see who can achieve the most quicker than anyone else. Very often the person who races ahead with anything discovers that they didn't learn the basics in the beginning and further along they discover that they have to go back and start again. Slow and steady progress with anything is usually the best principle to follow.


Along our journey we all receive help and encouragement from other people whether they are on earth or communicating with us from Spirit. We in turn can help others on their pathway by our words of kindness, a listening ear, a healing thought or a friendly smile. We can choose to be happy with our lives or miserable. Others will soon become aware of the choice we have made.


Let us all move forward as we make a conscious choice to live a life that matters. Let us live each day according to our beliefs and as our understanding grows so we will be completing our own unique tapestry.


With love & light, Pat

* * * * * *