The biggest question in life is,

How much good can you accept?


“Good is flowing to you every day.  How much of it

you experience depends on how much of it you can

accept. And how much of it you can accept depends

upon how 'worthy' you believe that you are.


You are worthy of all the good in the Universe.

How about you? Do you believe that?”

Neal Donald Walsch


Here we are at the last month of yet another year. A time for reflection on the past year and to have thoughts of how we feel about starting a new year. This year has brought many changes to many people and how we have accepted those changes shows us whether or not we are able to accept that the changes which have occurred have contributed to where we are at the present moment.


As we approach Christmas, a time of love and giving and receiving, it is also a time to consider how we are giving and receiving. Whatever we give has to be given in love to family and friends and we need to remember that we also have to receive in love. Some people find it much easier to give than to receive but if we are unable to receive we are denying the other person the pleasure of giving.


As you think back over the past year there will have been times when everything has gone well and times when it seemed as though everything had been turned upside down. If we can really believe that there is a purpose in everything and that what seemed like a downturn at the time was really an opportunity for a better understanding then we will be well on our way to living our lives in a more positive way.


We are all responsible for how we accept or reject what occurs in our lives. Instead of rejecting what we don’t like, or trying to ignore that it has occurred, let us make an effort to accept it as a new opportunity for moving forward. Although sometimes it may not seem like it, we are able to be in control of our lives and it is up to each of us to make sure that we do take control and not allow ourselves to be controlled by others.


December is a time of planning for Christmas and enjoying time with family and friends. There will be some people this Christmas whose loved one has passed into Spirit during the year and they find themselves alone for the first time. If we know someone in that position we can help by giving them a little of our time to help them through their first Christmas alone.


As we decorate our homes and Churches for Christmas we bring light to a sometimes gloomy time of year. The twinkle of lights remind us that it is a time of love and kindness. Let us also allow ourselves time to pause and send love and peace to those who live in countries that are at war, where there is insufficient food and clean water, the people who have had to leave their homes due to floods and fires and the children who are unhappy at the present time.


It is a time for us to appreciate what we have rather than complain about what is lacking in our lives. How often do we hear this and still continue complaining. We are creating our lives every second of every day and it is our responsibility to see that we are creating a positive life style.


As the season changes into winter and we approach the shortest day let us remember that it is followed by each day lengthening once again and spring will follow. It may seem that spring is a long way off but we all know how quickly time passes and spring is really just around the corner.


Let us pause for a moment and look back to our childhood memories of Christmas – the magic of Christmas morning – the excitement of opening presents – the love of our families at that time. There will be memories of laughter and happiness, of nativity plays at school as well as memories of Christmas with our own small children. Let us recapture our feelings of excitement and wonder which as adults we may have forgotten. Let us really enjoy looking at the Christmas tree with its lights and baubles, the holly and mistletoe, candles glowing and shedding their comforting, flickering light.


Remember, it is up to you how you accept whatever you receive. As the quote at the beginning says, “you are worthy of all the good in the Universe” and the Universe does not lack anything, it is abundant and you are worthy to receive that abundance.


As I close this newsletter remember that your loved ones in Spirit will be with you as you celebrate Christmas. They are right beside you and will be celebrating with you as they always did in the past. You are not forgotten you are loved and always will be.


My good wishes to you all for a very happy Christmas and a New Year offering all the opportunities you wish for yourself, your family and friends.


With love & light



 You are not your 'story.' Who You Are is so much

bigger than that. It's okay to give up your past now.

 Most of us have a story about how we got to be the way

we are, about what it's like to be 'us,' and about why it

is so difficult sometimes to get through life. All of this

is stuff that has nothing to do with who we are now.


How often do you 'come from' your 'story' when you

experience life. Are you ready to let go of that now?

What if you could create 'you' the way you want to be,

rather than the way you think you are?

Wouldn't that be great? Well, you can.

All you have to do is let go of your story.

Neale Donald Walsch

We all have different stories from our past. Some are happy and some are sad. These stories are the history of our journey through this phase of life. Too often we return to our stories and fail to move forward. In other words we are clinging to our past.

 We have all had different parents and backgrounds. Some of us were brought up within a religious belief and some without any belief. Whatever belief we were brought up with we should be asking the question 'do I still have the same belief of have I changed it'?


Who have we met on our journey who has had an influence on our life? It may be your parents, teacher, friend or perhaps someone you only met once for everyone has an influence on us in some way. Perhaps it was a book you read, an article in a magazine, a film or even an advertisement on a poster. There are people and situations which can make us think and sometimes change the course of our lives if we are more aware of what is around us.


How often have you noticed the beauty of nature and the changing seasons and wondered how it all happens. We can plant a seed in the ground and water it but it is the seed itself which has the life to grow into a flower, vegetable or tree.


As we journey through life we plant seeds with the words which we use, our attitude to life, the way we look, a caring towards other people. We can make someone who is feeling sad feel better if we give them a smile or cheery word.


If you look at your journey you will see how much you have changed since you were a child. As there are changing seasons in nature there are also the equivalent changes in us as the years pass by. The things we did as a child or teenager hold very little interest as we approach middle age or beyond. We may carry forward some of our earlier interests or have replaced them with others.


In Spiritualism we know that the earthly life is only a phase and that we are a spirit and this life phase is only temporary. The people we have loved and have now passed back to the Spirit World are not dead but are living a different phase of their existence. We know they are alive as we feel them close at times and we received communications from them. They are not telling us what to do but are encouraging us on our journey. They still have memories of their earthly lives and know the problems they had so understand the difficulties we face.


If you look at your journey you will notice that the events that have occurred are linked as though a silver cord has been joining them together. For example, if you had not gone to a certain place you would not have met the person who introduced the next step of your journey.


Nothing happens by chance. When you are ready to move forward an opening appears. It is up to us to take the opportunities as they arise. Many of us put things off thinking we will do it tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year. We delay not only our own progress but also those people who would benefit if we had taken up the opportunity straight away.


Sometimes the same opportunity or a similar one is put in our pathway and still we may hesitate. We may lack confidence and have doubts that we can do what is being asked of us. We will never find out if we can do something unless we try. 


We all born with abilities but do not use them in case we fail in the attempt. Often we can learn more from our failures than from our successes. Every failure is a step towards success.


You are responsible for your journey. You are creating your life by the choices you make on a daily basis. Ask yourself whether you are making choices or whether you are allowing someone else to make the choices for you. In other words are you handing over the pattern of your journey and not making your own choices.


We are all unique and at the same time are linked to everyone else and to all forms of life. How we decide to live our journey affects not just us but all life. We all came from the same Source and will all return to the same Source. This is one thing we cannot change.


So let us choose to make our journey a happy one, take up new opportunities as they present themselves and have no regrets about what might have been and enjoy the changes we make. Let us look at the journey we have taken so far, regard it as our history, learn from the experiences we have had and know that we will have much more to come both on the earthly journey and also in the Spirit World.


It is very important to remember that your past is history and cannot be changed although you can learn valuable lessons from it. You cannot alter the choices you have made and acted on.  However you can affect your future by the choices you start making from now on.


We can all do this. We can all take control and responsibility for our journey and appreciate that our past history has led us to where we are today. So let us start changing our attitude to life and open our awareness to NOW.


With love & light,




 "You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the spiritual being that is your real self."

From Illusions by Richard Bach


We are enjoying an extension to summer as I am writing this and an opportunity to appreciate the warmth of the autumn sunshine. It is a chance to look around us and admire the beauty of nature and the autumn colours. Each day in our lives is different from the previous one and the next one will be different again.


Our personal futures depend on ourselves - what we choose, what we notice, what we can imagine. Our responsibility is to make our choices and learn to enjoy the life we are living. So often we just jog along without purpose and imagine that we cannot change anything, this is our lot and we have to put up with it.


This is not so. We have the ability to choose our pathways and plan our futures and decide whether we are prepared to enjoy the journey of our lives. Do you ever wonder why you meet certain people or why events occur that you were not expecting? Do you put these things down to good or bad luck?


Everything that occurs has a purpose and even though at the time we may not see the reason, at some future time we do discover that we needed to meet that person or experience that event.   We all stand today at the point in our lives that we have created. We can now choose our next steps and decide where we want to go.


We have an inbuilt imagination that we use all the time whether we are aware of it or not. The way we use it dictates the choices we make and whether we are hopeful or despondent. The responsibility lies within us to discover and enjoy each day.


As the seasons change so we also change. The things we do in the spring and summer are different from the autumn and winter activities. The opportunities are not the same but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't enjoy them.


Pause for a moment and glance back at your life over the past few weeks or months and notice the changes that have taken place. It is these recent changes that have brought you to today. Ask yourself what you have learned recently, what you have noticed for the first time, what has given you joy and happiness. Have you experienced something which surprised you and caused you to change your belief about something?


Spiritualism is not just a belief, it is a way of life. The knowledge that we are experiencing a small portion of our life in our physical bodies makes a difference to how we live our journey. We make the choice of whether we are content with knowing that life is eternal because our loved ones have communicated with us from the Spirit World or whether we choose to learn more about how we can live an inspired and more fulfilling life.


Our journeys will all be different as we all have varied histories but every journey has many possibilities and it is up to us to choose the direction of our lives. We may feel inspired to do something and then we have to decide whether to go with it or reject it and the choice we make will lead us to a different future. This is occurring every day and has always been happening and will continue to do so. If we become more aware of this we can really make a difference to our futures.


If we are too busy to find time to pause in our day we won't notice what is happening around us and will miss the opportunity which will lead us to happiness. If we pause we will begin to find what we are seeking.


When we attend a Church Service, if we have an open mind to the entire service and are not just hoping to receive a message from a loved one, we will find whatever we need at that time in any part of the service. What we need to hear will be like sparks of light and we will know that we have received our inspiration and guidance. The conversations we have with the other people in the Church may give us what you have been waiting for or we may give help and hope to someone else. These sparks of inspiration are all around us every day. Let us begin to anticipate them, look for them and benefit from the way they lead us forward.


As we move into the changing season let us be prepared to accept that we live in an ever changing world and because of that we have to start to understand the changes in our own lives. Let us find new meaning to the following words:


"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference."


Let us appreciate our lives and learn to have joy in our hearts to share with those who we meet and remember that the example we set will have an effect on others.


Let us wish each other a happy season of appreciation, joy, learning, choosing and participating fully in the gift of life.


With love & light,


* * * * * * * * *