We all have a belief as to who we are which is coloured by many different things such as our upbringing and the teachings we acquired during our schooling, the friends we have made and the people we have met during our life.


We know that we are spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting a physical body but do we really understand our spiritual nature and why we are here. Are we here to learn something or are we here to discover ‘who we really are’? Is there a purpose to this physical existence or are we here by chance or coincidence?


It is time for us to decide what we believe, to choose how we live and to have the understanding that we are all ONE. Whatever you believe God to be, whether a person, a power, an energy or you are undecided there can be no doubt that this world is made up of energy and we are a part of that energy. We have all come from the same source and we will all return to the same source. 


Love, unconditional love, is the energy that permeates everything and holds everything together and if we believe this then it makes a difference to our understanding of ‘who we really are’. Many of us have believed we are here to learn but what if we are here to experience physical life in every aspect to discover ‘who we really are’?


Many people live their whole life in fear rather than in love. They fear change, that a disaster may happen, illness, death of themselves or a loved one, that they will be punished hereafter for their mistakes and that life is a continuous pathway of frightening events that they cannot avoid.


Do you believe that unconditional love is the energy at the heart of our existence? If so then fear, which is the opposite of love, can be dispensed with because we cannot live in love and fear at the same time.


Let us pause and consider what we believe. With the belief that we are here to discover ‘who we really are’, then a good starting point is to realise that we have to love ourselves first. If we cannot love ourselves then we cannot love others, not just humanity but also the world we live in with all its beauty and in particular our own lives.


So many of us have been taught that others come first and we come last but I would suggest that it should be the other way round. If we love ourselves first then everything that we do will be done in love and everyone will benefit.


Unconditional love never judges anyone or anything which includes us. What if everything we have chosen to do in this life has been right and it isn’t possible to do anything wrong? What if everything we do is right at the time due to our understanding of ‘who we really are’ and as we understand differently so the choices we make change. With this belief we can discard guilt and the fear of retribution for what we thought of previously as our mistakes and discover that there is nothing to fear because love has taken away our fear.


My suggestion this month is that we all take a good look at what we believe and discard the beliefs that no longer serve us and hold onto the belief that we are living a life of unconditional love as that is what as spirit ‘we really are’.


With this belief we can really start to enjoy ourselves, our lives, the relationships we have, the people we meet and the beauty that is all around us. We can use our thoughts to see the best in everything and discard the feelings of fear and gloom for the future. What can there be to fear in a world of unconditional love, what can there be to fear about death for we shall be returning to a realm of unconditional love and happiness? We can celebrate life, our lives and know that everything is proceeding according to plan.


We are creating a better life, we are creating by understanding ‘who we really are’.  We will understand our personal purpose and realise that the love we have been practising has lacked the unconditional aspect which is the centre of our very being.


As Spiritualists we believe the spirit world exists as we have received communications from our loved ones who are there. We believe that nothing dies it only changes its form. We cannot die - we have eternal life. Unconditional love cannot exclude anyone. Love always overcomes fear – it is a natural law.


Now is the time for each of us to decide what we believe and live according to those beliefs. It is no use having a belief about life and then continuing to live in a different way. We each have to make our own choice but in so doing we affect the whole as we are all ONE.

Now is the time to take a break, pause and reflect on how your beliefs have changed during your life and consider whether you want to move forward and start to make unconditional love the most important motivation in your lives. Remember it is your choice and you cannot change another only yourself.


Only you can decide whether the foregoing makes sense to you. You may find that it leaves you with unanswered questions and this is good as it shows that you are starting to really consider ‘who you really’ are and the purpose for living your earthly life.


With light & love,


* * * * * * 


We stand once more on the threshold

Of a shining and unblemished year,

Untouched yet by time and frustration

Unclouded by failure and fear

How will we use the days of this year

And the time God has placed in our hands.

By Helen Steiner Rice

Our celebration of Christmas has past once again but let us remember that the true message of Christmas is of love and goodwill to all and extend this message to the whole of 2019. If we can do this it will make a difference to our lives, to those who we meet this year and to life as a whole. This is something we can all do so let us start now by being kind to each other and appreciate all we have rather than complaining about what is missing in our lives.


We are standing at the opening of a new year with all the new opportunities that will present themselves to us. We are once more walking into the unknown.     At the start of last year I'm certain that we all had ideas of what the year might bring for us, some of which was realised and some that didn't happen.


As we stand at the start of 2019 let us decide to make a conscious decision of what we wish to achieve during this year. I'm sure that there are things that you achieved last year and also things you intended to achieve and didn't.


As the months move on we often change our minds about the direction we wish to travel and the decisions we make at the beginning of the year are changed as the year progresses. It is important that we do make decisions or choices as to the direction we are taking rather than letting the days, weeks, months and years drift by. We don't want to be the people who say, 'if only I hadn't wasted my time, if only I had kept to my choices and followed through with what I intended to do with my life'.


Although we can make choices at any moment of the year, the beginning of a year does seem to be a special time to take stock of where we are at this moment and decide whether we are where we really want to be.   If we ask ourselves that question and the answer is 'no' then we are the only ones who can do something about it.


Let us spend a little while reflecting over the past year without lingering too long over any regrets we may have.   We can also look at what we achieved last year. Sometimes we only look at big achievements and forget that many small achievements add up to more than we realised at the time.


We are about to make a new start and become more aware of all the opportunities that are open to us and the knowledge that we can choose whether to take the opportunities or let them pass us by. To make a start let us be grateful for everything that happened last year, the joys, happiness, family, friendships, sorrows, pain and especially what we learned from all our experiences.   We should discover that we have moved forward during the year and have found more truths about our lives that will help us during the coming year.


It is so important that we remember to be grateful for our lives even when everything seems to be going wrong.   It is times of trouble that we can learn the most important lessons. We really are responsible for the way in which we react to the varied events of life and it is our reaction that creates the life we are living.


When we consider the most important things in our lives love should be at the top of the list.   We should remember that as we send love to other people that we mustn't neglect ourselves. If we can love ourselves then we can extend more love to others.   If we love ourselves it is much easier to extend our love to those who we feel have offended us, those who we feel uncomfortable with and  those who live in a way that we have difficulty in understanding.    


If we can really live in harmony and peace with those people we find difficult then we shall be contributing a great deal to the overall peace of our world.      One of the easiest ways of living more harmoniously is to stop and think before we speak.   So often we speak in anger without thought for the feelings of the other person and how our words may make them feel. We have all experienced this both as the giver and receiver of unkind words. We can choose whether we take heed of this or not.


If we can wake in the morning grateful to be alive, with a smile on our face we shall feel more joyful and happy throughout the day. We can choose to do this and it costs nothing. It will not only make a difference to us but it will make a difference to everyone we meet and speak to during the day. The only way of knowing this to be true is to try it, test it for yourself and then you will know for certain that this is true.


The same goes for anything you may read or hear about life and its purpose.     Remember what you read is the opinion of the writer and you have to decide whether you agree or disagree with what you have read. Ask yourself whether you want to enjoy your life and I'm sure that your answer will be 'yes'. Your happiness is dependent on you and you alone.   As you read that last sentence you may have said to yourself - 'no, I don't agree with that'.   If so, please think and consider the sentence again. If you disagree with the sentence then you are not really loving yourself and you are placing your happiness in external values rather than feeling peace and joy within yourself.


If you can feel comfortable and loving with yourself you will have achieved a great deal and your life will become easier as a result. Once again test it for yourself and then you will 'know'.


Many of you will be developing your own spiritual awareness and gifts. Be grateful for the knowledge that you have and the progress you have made already.   There is always much more to learn and it is the learning process that makes life an exciting journey.


Let 2019 be the year of your success and happiness in every aspect of your life.


A happy and enlightening 2019 to you all.


With love & light, Pat

* * * * * * *