“You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the spiritual being that is your real self.”

From Illusions by Richard Bach


We are enjoying an extension to summer as I am writing this and an opportunity to appreciate the warmth of the autumn sunshine. It is a chance to look around us and admire the beauty of nature and the autumn colours. Each day in our lives is different from the previous one and the next one will be different again.


Our personal futures depend on ourselves – what we choose, what we notice, what we can imagine. Our responsibility is to make our choices and learn to enjoy the life we are living. So often we just jog along without purpose and imagine that we cannot change anything, this is our lot and we have to put up with it.


This is not so. We have the ability to choose our pathways and plan our futures and decide whether we are prepared to enjoy the journey of our lives. Do you ever wonder why you meet certain people or why events occur that you were not expecting? Do you put these things down to good or bad luck?


Everything that occurs has a purpose and even though at the time we may not see the reason, at some future time we do discover that we needed to meet that person or experience that event.   We all stand today at the point in our lives that we have created. We can now choose our next steps and decide where we want to go.


We have an inbuilt imagination that we use all the time whether we are aware of it or not. The way we use it dictates the choices we make and whether we are hopeful or despondent. The responsibility lies within us to discover and enjoy each day.


As the seasons change so we also change. The things we do in the spring and summer are different from the autumn and winter activities. The opportunities are not the same but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t enjoy them.


Pause for a moment and glance back at your life over the past few weeks or months and notice the changes that have taken place. It is these recent changes that have brought you to today. Ask yourself what you have learned recently, what you have noticed for the first time, what has given you joy and happiness. Have you experienced something which surprised you and caused you to change your belief about something?


Spiritualism is not just a belief, it is a way of life. The knowledge that we are experiencing a small portion of our life in our physical bodies makes a difference to how we live our journey. We make the choice of whether we are content with knowing that life is eternal because our loved ones have communicated with us from the Spirit World or whether we choose to learn more about how we can live an inspired and more fulfilling life.


Our journeys will all be different as we all have varied histories but every journey has many possibilities and it is up to us to choose the direction of our lives. We may feel inspired to do something and then we have to decide whether to go with it or reject it and the choice we make will lead us to a different future. This is occurring every day and has always been happening and will continue to do so. If we become more aware of this we can really make a difference to our futures.


If we are too busy to find time to pause in our day we won’t notice what is happening around us and will miss the opportunity which will lead us to happiness. If we pause we will begin to find what we are seeking.


When we attend a Church Service, if we have an open mind to the entire service and are not just hoping to receive a message from a loved one, we will find whatever we need at that time in any part of the service. What we need to hear will be like sparks of light and we will know that we have received our inspiration and guidance. The conversations we have with the other people in the Church may give us what you have been waiting for or we may give help and hope to someone else. These sparks of inspiration are all around us every day. Let us begin to anticipate them, look for them and benefit from the way they lead us forward.


As we move into the changing season let us be prepared to accept that we live in an ever changing world and because of that we have to start to understand the changes in our own lives. Let us find new meaning to the following words:


“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.”


Let us appreciate our lives and learn to have joy in our hearts to share with those who we meet and remember that the example we set will have an effect on others.


Let us wish each other a happy season of appreciation, joy, learning, choosing and participating fully in the gift of life.


With love & light,


* * * * * * * * * 


'Any frustration you have is simply the result of

wrong thinking.

If you were thinking rightly you could not possibly

imagine that anything was going 'wrong.' You would

know that nothing in the Universe is working against

you. By definition, given Who You Are,

this is impossible.

Move, then, to gratitude when you encounter your

frustrations. And see every event as an Opportunity.'

'This is a key teaching; a most important message. The

goodness of the Universe is not limited. When something

"looks as if" it is running out, do not fret. This, or

something better, is on its way.

Sufficiency is the natural order of things. Good never

runs out -- although it may change form.'

Neale Donald Walsh

The year seems to be moving on very fast. It doesn't seem possible that we are approaching a new season and yet here we are coming into September.

Most of us have experienced more problems than usual this year. Do you think of your problems as worse than the problems of others or do you just plod on feeling very frustrated with your life? Are you beginning to wonder whether you will ever find the solutions or have you just become resigned to the frustrations of your life.

Have you ever thought of your problems as being opportunities to rid yourself of negative feelings and believe that you can turn them into good results. It seems impossible to change our thinking and feelings in this way but all is not lost. However many problems you have at the present time you can only deal with one at a time. Rather than looking at the biggest problem you have try solving a smaller one first. It is always possible that by solving a small problem you will find that it has also solved or partly solved a much bigger problem. In any event it will certainly have given your confidence a boost and that has to be good.

Although we are always bombarded with news of the bad things going on in our world there are plenty of good things happening as well. Unfortunately the good things are not very often reported in the media. This will also be occurring in your own personal life. There are always events which we can appreciate in our lives so why do we so often concentrate on the reverse.

As we begin to solve our frustrations we can begin to appreciate more what we have in our lives and as we do this the problems will diminish in size. This is fact not fiction. Whilst you are appreciating what you have you will not be worrying about what is lacking. It cannot be any other way.

We each have our own private link to help. We are Spirit not just a physical being and it is our spirit that is waiting to assist us. Why is it that we try to battle on using only our physical mind when we have the power of the spirit behind us all the time if we only learn to seek the help we need from this source?

As Spiritualists we know that we are never alone. We know that our loved ones, Guides and helpers are always there if we connect to them and ask for help. We also know that they cannot make our decisions but they can give us the encouragement and upliftment that we need.

If we can feel love for ourselves, all mankind, all life including our planet and approach our problems in an attitude of love we will find our problems much easier to solve. Our spirit always looks at every situation with love whereas our physical being may be looking at it from the attitude 'I am right and therefore the other person must be wrong'. If we take this second course we will be judging and placing blame on another rather than trusting that love is most powerful energy.

Sometimes we take the easy route, or what we think is the easy route, by judging the actions or words of others. It never works. It just creates a larger problem or frustration than we had to start with. How often do we look at a problem from all sides? More frequently we look at it from one angle only and believe that we have all the facts, pass judgement and then much later discover that if we had taken the time to look more closely we would have found that there were really two sides to the situation.

If we can look at our problems as opportunities we will receive a priceless gift, peace of mind. We have all experienced peace of mind at some time - usually when we have been faced with a task that we didn't want to tackle even though we knew it had to be done at some time and only we could do it. Once we have completed the task we sigh a huge sigh of relief. We have done it! We no longer have it in front of us - it is finished - we have peace of mind!

We will also have learned a lesson. Instead of putting a job off, get on with it, finish it and enjoy the peaceful feeling as the result.

Ask yourself what opportunity you can tackle now. We all have something in our lives in this category. Shall we shoulder our responsibilities and begin to work on the opportunity now or shall we put it to one side for later? This is the decision we each have to make. If we want to experience the wonderful feeling of peace of mind then our decision is made.

With love & light


 * * * * * * * 




  The words we choose when we speak to people are very important. If we choose the wrong word or intonation, misunderstandings between people can arise and cause a lot of distress and unhappiness.


At the moment I am reading a very interesting book called 'Aspire' by Kevin Hall which explains the meaning of certain words and from where they originate.


In the Western World when we meet someone we say hi or hello or shake their hand. When we say hello we are saying I greet you. Shaking someone's hand originated during wartime and demonstrated that you were unarmed.


In the Eastern World they use the word Namaste, pronounced Nama-stay. If you practice Yoga you will be familiar with this word. The meaning of this word as a greeting means, I salute the Divine within you, I salute your God-given gifts.    It is a word of respect to the person you are greeting. It is spoken with the palms of the hands together touching the heart area of the body with a slight bow of the head. It is a word of peace, love and harmony.


This made me think of the word, respect, and how more respect for people would create more peace, love and harmony in our world. When I was a child I was taught to respect my elders. I think that we should respect ourselves and all life.     If today's children were encouraged to respect themselves, their parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family, everyone they meet, more peace and harmony would result in our world.


We all need to respect the many different beliefs and ideas that exist and not be so ready to criticise people for being different to ourselves. We have all originated from the same source and will return to the same source. We should be prepared not just to speak but to listen to others as we can learn something valuable from listening to another person's point of view. This doesn't mean that we have to change our beliefs but can help us to understand why our beliefs differ.


We often speak in haste, without thinking first of the effect it may have on the other person. This applies especially when we are feeling angry and once the words have been spoken we cannot recall them.


Often rifts between families and friends are caused by a misunderstanding of the words that have been spoken and the results may last for many years without a healing taking place.


How often have you said something, knowing exactly what you mean, and then discovered that the other person had taken a completely different meaning from what we've said. It happens to everyone at some time in life and more care needs to be taken in the words we choose and the way we say them.


If our aim is to bring more peace into our lives and into the world then a good way to start is to look at the words we are choosing and how we are saying them.   Peace is something to aim for in everything we say and do and is much needed in our world today. Let us aspire to be peacemakers as we journey through life.


We are all unique in the abilities we have.  We all have a purpose for living our earthly life and if we are using our abilities then we are fulfilling our purpose.     All abilities or talents are important and are needed and no one talent is more important than any other. What is important is that we use the talents we have to the best of our ability.


If you have had an argument with someone try to sort it out as soon as possible.     Many people have regrets after the passing of someone that they didn't solve their differences while they were on earth. None of us know when we will return to Spirit so making peace now will prevent regrets in the future.


If you are unsure what someone means when they are talking to you ask them to explain. Then you will know what they meant and prevent a misunderstanding.


This can occur not only on the earth but also when receiving communication from someone in the Spirit World. If you are uncertain what your message means ask for clarification. Some communicators are better at expressing themselves than others and sometimes the Medium has received it wrongly.     A single incorrect word in a sentence can change the whole meaning as I'm sure you know.


If you become more aware of the words you are using and the words you are hearing from others the problems caused by poor communication will lessen and result in creating more peace for yourself and others. You will have made a difference.


Ask yourself whether you want more peace, love and harmony in your life and aspire to achieving it.   Just imagine what a difference would occur in our world if more people began to live in this way.


Give yourself some time every day to sit quietly and begin to feel at peace within yourself. As you find this peace within you others around you will begin to feel it as well. You will have started to make a difference and will be beginning to spread peace.


Nearly 400 people will be receiving this email. Just imagine how much peace could go out from all of us and the difference it would make.


Just begin it now. 

 With love & light, Pat


* * * * * * * * 




How often do we have good intentions and unless we take action very quickly we slide back, forget about our intention and the opportunity is lost. We have all done this many times in our lives and maybe now is the time to say, 'enough is enough, I am now going to carry through with my intentions'.

We often view something new as going to be difficult and once we start on it we find that isn't nearly as hard as we thought it was going to be.     This occurs in all areas of our life, both material and spiritual.

Many people decide that they would like to develop their spiritual abilities, join a Circle, go for a few weeks and then give up. The cause may be the pace of life today. We want everything to happen quickly and don't realise that dedication is required for the development of all spiritual abilities.

In the past when people sat in Circle to develop physical mediumship, a group of people would meet on a weekly basis and only one person in the group would develop the ability and become a physical medium. The rest of the group were dedicated to giving their energy and power, week by week, so that someone else would develop. This is not the case with the development of mental mediumship today.     

When a Circle is formed to develop mental mediumship everyone in the Circle starts to develop their own ability. The pace at which each person progresses will vary and sometimes considerably but as long as everyone sits happily and in harmony with each other, not concerned at the speed of their development, then each person will benefit.

Receiving a message from a loved one in the Spirit World is the start of the journey of understanding the real purpose of life. Receiving these messages is not the sole purpose of Spiritualism, it is the introduction to the understanding that life is eternal. This understanding is the beginning of an endless journey. Unfortunately there are many people who never go any further along the journey and are content just to receive their messages from their loved ones in the Spirit World.

Once you have received your proof that those in the Spirit World are able to communicate with the earth it changes your attitude towards this earthly life.   You realise that your loved ones will be waiting to be reunited with you when you reach the end of your earthly journey.

This belief should change your life and give you the realisation that you are responsible for the life you are living, that you are creating your life and that you have a choice in the decisions you make and the happiness and enjoyment that you discover along the way.

On the earth we are sad when someone passes from this life but in the Spirit World there is happiness at the arrival back home of a loved one.     Similarly on the earth we rejoice at the birth of a child whereas in the Spirit World there may be a feeling of sadness. The fact that physical death is but an entry into the next phase of life makes a great deal of difference to the way in which we can accept the passing of a loved one.

While we are here on the earth there is a purpose for us being here.     There are opportunities and experiences during our journey that teach us about the purpose of this phase of life and how we can obtain understanding and wisdom. We should be learning to live and not just to exist and there is a great deal of difference between living and existing.    If we are only existing, we are allowing everything to happen without taking part in the events of life. It is like watching a film but not taking part in the film.

If we are on a journey every aspect of that journey is important. We have been given the gift of life, the gift of experiencing an earthly journey and we should be using every moment of that journey to evolve into what we came here to achieve.

We are living in an evolving, abundant Universe and we are taking part in the evolving process. Because of our connection with all life, the way in which we evolve individually has an effect on the whole. We are today in the situation that we have created. We have evolved to this point and also have the opportunity of changing our lives around if we are unhappy with how we feel about life.

Pause for a moment and ask yourself if you are happy with your life as it is. What, in your life, makes you feel happy? What makes you feel sad?     What would you like to change but don't think that you can?

Many people were brought up with the idea that life would be difficult and that it wasn't possible to overcome or rise above the difficulties. It may be that they had an unhappy childhood where nothing ever seemed to go right and this set a pattern for their belief that life was to be endured and not enjoyed. Some people with this background became determined to overcome their early life and succeeded in doing so and others lived their whole life with the same belief that they had been taught.

We have the freedom to choose and no matter what your circumstances today you can find a way of enjoying a better tomorrow. The choice is yours. You may ask yourself where to begin and the answer is that wherever you are in this moment is the right place for you to start afresh.

Happiness and enjoyment is not something at the end of the road that we are trying to reach, it is something that we can have every moment along our journey if we choose to believe that we can experience it. Wherever we are at this moment we all have in our lives reasons to be grateful that we are alive, will always live and we all have so many things to be thankful for.

Try to spend a few moments looking at your life and becoming aware of all the wonderful things you have and begin to show gratitude for everything you have.    

Include in this gratitude the love of your family and friends, the memories of life with those who are now in the Spirit World, your senses that we all take for granted, the beauty of nature, the sounds of happy children playing, the sound of music, the beauty of art and sculpture - the list is endless. Ask yourself how much of this you have taken for granted.

If you can begin each day with a thought of gratitude for the new day and the opportunities it is going to bring you and close the day with a thank you for that day you will find that life for you will improve. You will begin to feel happy with your life no matter what is occurring and you will experience a feeling of peace within yourself. Once you feel peace within not only will you benefit from this feeling but all those who come into contact with you will feel better even though they may not be aware of why they are experiencing this.

Test this for yourself. Choose to make a statement of gratitude, every day for a week when you wake up, before you get out of bed. You can choose whatever words you like as long as you really feel the gratitude deep within yourself. You could write out your statement and put it beside your bed to remind yourself each day. Choose a different statement for the end of the day. During that week see whether you begin to feel more enjoyment and happiness than you have been experiencing.

So let us start now by taking full responsibility for our lives, the choices we make, the way we live, the beliefs we hold and really enjoy this phase of our existence.

With love & light,


* * * * * * * *