Before we start the hustle and bustle associated with the run up to Christmas let us pause for a while. Let us find the peace and calm within ourselves. For once in a while let us think of ourselves first. This is not selfish as the benefits we will discover are not received just for us but extend to all those we come into contact with.

If we want this Christmas to be one of happy memories we have to prepare ourselves first and the best way of doing this is to find our own peace within ourselves. So often we say to ourselves that we don’t have time to pause during our busy days and we rush from one thing to another trying to pack in as much activity as possible. We hear and read so often how important it is to pause between tasks and that if we do we will achieve more. Why don’t we try it just once to see whether it really does work. After all if it doesn’t work at least you will have tried it and you can always go back to dashing from one thing to another without pausing for breath!

The shops are beginning to get busier, Christmas lights are appearing in the High Streets, people are jostling each other to buy their gifts, people are beginning to worry as to whether they will be ready in time. We all experience this every year. So, why don’t we do things differently this year and prepare ourselves first?

This year has been a difficult one for many people and there are many who can’t wait for the year to end so that they can begin again in 2020. We don’t have to wait for the year to finish, we can start afresh right now by being grateful for everything we have in this present moment. When we think of everything we have, not just our material possessions, we begin to realize what is most important in our lives. It really isn’t what we own or think we own as these things can disappear quite suddenly, it is life itself, living our purpose, why we are here and accepting that wherever we are at this moment in time we are exactly where we are meant to be.

Consider for a moment what you have learned during this year. Have you taken steps forward in discovering more about yourself and why you are where you are? Have you a greater understanding about the purpose of your life than you had a year ago? Have you found a way of solving problems with relationships, health and finances? Have you achieved a closer link with your Guide, Helpers and loved ones in the Spirit World? Are you using your beliefs to help you enjoy living? Are you setting an example by the way in which you live so other people may begin to question their own journeys through life?

What a lot of questions there are for us to answer! I wonder how many of us question ourselves in this way and whether we find satisfactory answers.

When we find ourselves thinking constantly about what we consider to be wrong with our lives let us stop immediately and look at what is right, good and happy with the journey we are travelling. We will be surprised at the difference this will make. We will begin to realize that there is far more happiness in our lives than sadness and as we start to understand this we will have learned how important a positive attitude to life can benefit everyone.

Who is responsible for how we feel about life? We are – let us stop blaming others, Society in general, the weather and everything else we can find to blame for us not experiencing the peace and happiness that is there for everyone to enjoy.

Let us start this season with celebrating life in all its various forms and the wonderful world we inhabit. Let us celebrate our knowledge that life is eternal and we don’t lose contact with our loved ones in Spirit. Let us celebrate our philosophy and ensure that it makes a difference in every aspect of our lives. Let us celebrate the changes we are all experiencing and welcome them as being an important part of our Divine plan. We cannot look into the future, we can only live in the now, this very moment, and celebrate this time in which we are living.

Whether we are preparing for Christmas or any other important event in our lives let us remember the importance of preparing ourselves first. As we are at peace within ourselves we will also experience joy and love in our lives. We will find that we are living our journey on purpose and find additional peace in the knowledge that we are making a difference not just to how we feel but we are also enabling others to make changes in their lives. In this way everyone benefits and life on earth improves for us all.

Remember that what we call miracles really happen. Children know this and anticipate them, we have forgotten. If we begin to look for miracles we will find them occurring everywhere. Let us be grateful for all the miracles we find whether they are large or small. Let us celebrate life this Christmas with peace within ourselves and find happiness, joy and love not just for this season but for the remained of our life’s journey.

I wish you all a peaceful, happy, joyous and loving Christmas.

With love & light,


* * * * * * *





We are all on a journey - the journey of life. We have the freedom to choose the type of journey we are experiencing. It is up to each of us whether we are enjoying our journey or whether we are continually complaining about what happens.


It doesn't matter what stage of the journey we have reached we always have the opportunity to change our direction, to improve our lives and find happiness and joy and pass this on to other people we meet.


So often we limit ourselves by the way we think of our journey. If we have experienced a great deal of unhappiness in the past we may anticipate that it will always be the same - it is our fate or destiny.


Our journey is for living not just existing and there is a great deal of difference. When we are just existing we are allowing events to happen and we are not taking the opportunities which are presenting themselves to us. When we are living we are using our freedom of choice at every turn of the road. We are deciding what we want from our journey, how we want to live and taking every opportunity that presents itself to explore the purpose of life and in particular our own lives. We really begin to learn from our experiences.


Sometimes the most difficult thing is to decide what we really want and expect from our journey. We are not here by accident, we are here for a reason and although the reason for living may not always be clear there always is a reason. We can begin to search for that reason at any time and eventually we will find that it has been worthwhile to pursue our search and we will truly be living our journey.


As Spiritualists we know that our journey did not begin with our birth into an earthly body and will not end when we lay aside this body. Our journey is an eternal journey and continues in the Spirit World. Eternity is difficult to envisage so at the present time we have to concentrate on this part of our journey and make it the best.


Where shall we begin? Are we willing to change some of our ideas? Are we prepared to take a new look at our journey and find ways of using our freedom of choice to make a fresh start? How can we start?


Let us explore our options. At the present moment we are all at different stages of our journey and we may think that our options must therefore depend on where we have reached but this is not so. This is not the case for wherever we are on our journey there is one thing that we all should become aware of. Wherever we are is the result of the choices we have made in the past because we are creating our journey as we travel through life. We have been responsible for finding ourselves where we are now.


This is a sobering thought if we don't like our life as it is and it is now time to do something about it. We can all do something about it whatever situation we are in. We can choose to remain where we are or choose to make improvements in many different ways. Where do we start?


First of all, whether we like our situation or not, we can begin to appreciate the good things we have in our lives. Whoever we are we all have so many things that we can really be grateful for at this very moment. Pause for a moment and think of the many wonderful things that surround each of us. Take a look at the freedom of choice we have, include the abilities you have, your family and friends, the beauty of the world around you, your home, the opportunities to discover new avenues of thought - the list is endless.


As Spiritualists we already know that our loved ones in the Spirit World are not dead. We know that they are still very close to us and we will be reunited in the future. Do we always appreciate how fortunate we are to have this knowledge? Does it make a difference to the way in which we live our journey? It should make a very large difference - is it?


As we begin to appreciate more and be really grateful for what we have we will find that we complain less about what we think is lacking in our lives. We will discover that some of what is lacking is not really important and that we already have so much that we can use to improve our journey on a daily basis. As we begin to become more grateful for what we have let us also begin to send out our thanks in a positive way. Let us begin each day by sending out thanks for the night's sleep we have had and the opportunities we are being given for the new day.


Thank you God for my sleep and for the opportunities of this new day


At the end of the day we can say -


Thank you God for my day and all its events and the opportunity for a restful night's sleep


We have found a starting point to rejuvenate our journey - to give us a more positive attitude and this will make us more aware of everything that is around us on a day to day basis.


We will also discover what are the most important things in our lives and what we can discard. We will have a new awareness of the importance of our journey and the choices we are making and where they are leading us. We will begin to realise more and more that we are not just a body and mind but that we are spiritual beings and can then start to discover our purpose.


If we can spend a few moments in silence every day asking for guidance we will find that new thoughts and ideas will come to us. As we use these ideas we will discover that our journey becomes more interesting and exciting. We will have chosen to put aside many of our negative thoughts and will be more willing to take a different perspective on the events that occur in our lives. We will learn from them.


Let us decide what we most desire in our lives and choose to achieve it.


May we all find more happiness and joy on our journey as we learn to fully appreciate what we already have.


With love & light,


 * * * * * * * *