'How often have you heard that phrase, especially when you are wanting something that you cannot afford to buy.


The Father of a very wealthy Farmer took his Son to see how poor people lived so that he could appreciate what he had.    After the visit he asked his Son what he had learned from the visit and the response he received was very surprising.    His Son said that he had learned –


          ‘I saw that we have one dog and they had four.


          We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end.


          We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night.


          Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon.


          We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight.


          We have servants who serve us, but they serve others.


          We buy our food, but they grow theirs


          We have walls around our property to protect us.   They have friends to protect them.’


The Son then added –


          “Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are!”


It all depends on how you view a situation and whether you look for the good or bad points. This story illustrates the different ways in which we can look at the same situation. Look at your present situation and see whether you can see it in a different light. I’m sure you’ll be surprised at what you discover.


What are the most important things in life that are free? What can we give and receive that are free? When you stop to consider this you’ll make many discoveries.


It doesn’t cost anything to give a cheery smile to someone and having given it you still have more to give. The more smiles you give the more you receive back.


It doesn’t cost anything to listen to someone other than your time and have you noticed that when you give your time to someone you find, in some strange way, you have more time left than you thought you had. If you’re prepared to listen to someone you’ll also find that others will listen to you. Have you ever shared a problem with someone and in the sharing either found the solution yourself or the person has made a suggestion that solved the problem?


It doesn’t cost anything to step outside your door and marvel at the beauty of nature. It may be your own garden that you are looking at or a tree in someone else’s garden or a distant view.


The cost of looking at nature is nil even a tiny flower growing out of rubble can bring inspiration as you consider the strength of that flower growing in such a poor environment.


One of the most important things that we can give is encouragement. When life is particularly difficult, with problems that appear to be unsolvable, encouragement from others is a very precious gift. If you can encourage someone in whatever they are doing you will boost their own self confidence, make their situation seem better, prevent them from giving up and help them on their road to success. We all need to bear this in mind whatever our circumstances.


Within our development Circles encouragement is very important. This is something that every member of the Circle can give and receive. The cost is nil, the value is immense. Encouragement shows that you have a belief in that person and that you are certain they will succeed in whatever they are doing.     As you give encouragement to others you will find that the amount of encouragement you receive will exceed your wildest dreams. It is a tremendous boost to your self-confidence when you know that others have a belief in you.     It strengthens your resolve to persist and increases your determination to succeed no matter what your aims.


At this time of the year many young people are sitting exams in preparation for going on to College or University or leaving school to find jobs. Many of them are feeling anxious about their futures and need encouragement to do their best.      If you have children or grandchildren sitting important exams this year do bear in mind how important your encouragement is to the results they obtain.


Think back to the people who made a difference to your life by encouraging you. As you received this help in the past remember to pass it on to those who need it now. Replace any criticism you may feel with concentrating on the positive aspect of all situations. It will make you feel better yourself as well as give a large boost to someone else.


As the story above illustrates there are always two sides to every situation.  This month let’s try and look for the better side of everything.


Before we begin to criticise something or someone take a moment to find something positive and encouraging to say. The benefit you will reap will far outweigh the time it has taken to pause for a few moments before speaking.


Please email me any stories you have to offer to the website of your experiences either in receiving encouragement or giving encouragement. I’m sure that these will inspire others to take up this idea. Also if you have further ideas of what is free please let me know.


Love & light





 As we approach May I wonder what thoughts are going through your mind. Once more nature is showing big signs of change. There are carpets of bluebells adorning parts of our countryside with their wonderful colour and fragrance. Have you become more aware of all that is around you?   Are you enjoying the warmer weather, the longer days, the sunshine and the realisation that we really have entered into a new season.


How is your world looking to you at the moment? Apart from what you are able to see, smell and sense your outside world are you also becoming more awake and alert to your inner world? Your inner world is creating all the time whether you are aware of it or not. Take a few moments to ask yourself how you feel.


We are spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting a human body. So often we think of ourselves the other way believing that we are a physical body containing a spirit.    Our connection to the whole exists because we are spiritual beings and we cannot separate ourselves from the whole.


We are co-creators with the Divine whether we are aware of it or not. We have been given freewill which enables us to create whatever we like. We can make our lives joyful or miserable, two contrasts or anything inbetween. What we create is our responsibility and our freedom of choice.


Where we stand today, each one of us, is what we have created, either intentionally or unintentionally, and we can choose to change it in whatever direction we like. If we are satisfied with all aspects of our lives then we can stay where we are until we decide to make changes. If we are unhappy with our lives then we can choose what it is we really do want.   The choice is always ours.


Life should be a joyful experience. We are on a journey where there are many discoveries to make.   Life is full of change and if we can welcome the changes then we take full advantage of the opportunities and the discoveries we make along the way.


The seasons change without us causing the changes, the time of our lives change without our interfering, the plants grow as the seed starts to sprout within the earth and if nurtured by sun and rain they grow and bear fruit. We may be responsible for the planting and watering but we do not make them grow. Within the seed is the ability for that seed to produce fruit of its kind.


We only have the ability to change ourselves and cannot change anyone else. We can sow seeds as we go through life and then leave the other person to decide with their free will whether they nurture the seed or otherwise.


As we stand in this moment of time we may not like what we have created or not fully understand how we have come to create our life in this way. There is no point in becoming upset or judging ourselves or thinking that we have made a bad job of things as this will accomplish nothing.   We can start to recreate what we do want our lives to become from this moment, NOW. We can begin to look around us and discover the good things of our lives that we want to retain, get rid of what we no longer want and choose exactly how we want our lives to be.


We have been taught - ask and receive and yet so often we find it very difficult to ask and even more difficult to receive.   If we ask for something, whatever it may be, we have to be prepared to receive when it comes. There is no point in asking for something we want and then not allowing ourselves to receive it when it arrives.     This does not make sense.


If we are travelling on a journey from A to B we have first of all chosen where it is we want to go and why we want to reach that destination.   Along the road from A to B wherever the journey takes us we will meet varying conditions or changes along the road. We may find that we have taken a wrong turning and have to retrace our steps.      We return to the point where we made the wrong turning and then continue on our journey.   We do not return to point A and start the journey all over again.


We only retrace our steps a little way before continuing in the right direction.     Sometimes we do not even have to turn round and retrace our steps as we can take another turning further on that will bring us back to the right road.


As we journey through life we will all have taken a turning or two off the road we intended to follow when we incarnated onto the earth.   Fortunately we don't have to return to the beginning of our earthly life but can make the corrections at any time and find ourselves on the path we intended.


Our journey started in the Spirit World not at the time of our earthly birth. We knew, when in the Spirit World, why we were coming to the earth. We had a purpose and plan for our lives and somewhere along the journey of life we lost our way. This happens to everyone at some time in their life. All is not lost we can return to our purpose at any time. Whatever we have created we can change the pattern.     


We can ask for and receive guidance at any time. When we came to earth our higher consciousness remained in the Spirit World and it is this that we can connect to at any time for new instructions as to how to proceed. We are on a magnificent, joyful journey. We live in a beautiful and wonderful world which is ours to enjoy whilst we are here. There are many beautiful people in our world and our friends and family connect very closely with us.


We will return to the Spirit World when this human journey is finished and will find that all our loved ones are there waiting for us. They will have shared part of our journey with us on the earth and shared part of our journey by watching over us from the Spirit World. There is no real separation, we are all permanently linked by spirit.


We have to learn to allow ourselves the joy of creating what we desire and the joy of sharing our desires, as they manifest, with others. As we are joyful on our journey we excite others to start to enjoy their journey. No two journeys are identical as no two snowflakes are identical. We are all experiencing a unique journey but at the same time we are not separate from the whole. All creation is united, all dependant on the spirit connection whether we are human, animal or any other form of life.


Life is sacred, a wonderful gift that we are all enjoying. Take a moment to look at your life and decide what part of your life you are enjoying and what more you can choose to have and enjoy. You can be a catalyst for others to find their enjoyment but you cannot do it for them. We each have to find our desired pathway and enjoy the discoveries we make along the way.


Our feelings and emotions are the result of our thinking. We all know that our thinking results in the words that we speak and the actions that we take but we often don't realise that our thoughts are also responsible for how we feel within ourselves.    We have all experienced feelings of happiness and feelings of sadness during our lives without realising that we have created these feelings.


If we have feelings of happiness then it is our positive thoughts that are responsible for these feelings. If our feelings are unhappy, sad or muddled then we have been thinking in a negative way.


Pause for a moment and ask yourself whether you are feeling happy with your life.   If your answer is 'yes' then you are creating in your life whatever you desire. If your answer is 'no' then you need to make some changes and create what you do desire.     How you feel is a true indicator of how satisfied you are with your creation.


I hope these words have given you more to consider during the month of May.


With love & light


* * * *