Sing a song of springtime, sing a song of spring

Flowers are in their beauty, birds are on the wing

Springtime, springtime God has given us spring

Sing a song of spring

The above words are from a hymn which I remember singing as a child and they came to mind when I started to write this newsletter.

Spring is here! As you look around at nature there is an abundance of spring flowers showing their beauty in the sunshine. The weather is warmer and everything is once more springing into life. Evidence all around us that winter is past and we can move forward into the spring.

We are energy and sometimes our energy level is high and sometimes low. Only you know how your energy is at the moment. If we want to achieve our best it is important that we keep our energy high. If you are experiencing low energy at the moment you have to find a way to increase your energy level as you enter into the new season. Many people find that during the winter they feel a lack of energy and feel sluggish. Now is the time to rectify this and build up your energy so that you can move forward into the springtime with a quicker step and lighter heart.

A good way to revitalise yourself is to take a walk in the country and appreciate the spring flowers or visit gardens where you will find plenty of colour. Really begin to look closely at the beauty that is around you, allow yourself to feel the energy flooding back into you.

Do you have dreams of something you would like to do? Is there something new you would like to try and keep putting off. Begin to look at your life with fresh eyes. See yourself achieving something a short while ago you would have said was impossible. Go somewhere you’ve never visited before.

All around us there are new opportunities waiting for us to grasp. We don’t always see these opportunities simply because we aren’t looking for them. Let us start now to open our minds to new ideas, new possibilities because there is no lack of these in our world. It is our inability to search for them that makes us think they don’t exist. They are everywhere and are awaiting our attention, whoever we are and wherever we are on our journey through life.

If you suddenly have an idea don’t just allow it to stay in your mind, act on it now. In the past we have all had good ideas that we haven’t followed and later have discovered that someone else had the same idea, acted on it and moved on in their life whilst we were still waiting – waiting for what? We had the idea and didn’t follow through.

Sometimes the idea that we have needs some of our time and we are reluctant to use our time in case the idea doesn’t work. Remember the phrase ‘ nothing ventured, nothing gained’. Is there a risk involved with trying your idea? If you never risk anything life becomes dull and uninteresting, we find ourselves living in a rut.

If you are searching for new ideas, send up a thought and ask for ideas to flow to you. This may sound too easy to be possible but if you remember that you have to ask in order to receive then, once you have sent out the thought, rest assured that the answer will come.

Make sure that you enjoy the springtime – it’s the most wonderful time of the year. As you look around you, everything is fresh, new, vibrant with life. It’s up to you to enjoy this vibrancy and renew yourself. You are a spiritual being and as such you are an important part of everything that is happening around you. You are one with not only all the other human beings on this planet but one with all the animals, birds, fish, the oceans and lakes, all nature and the earth itself. Start now to think more of yourself and begin to really enjoy your life and the part you are playing within the whole.

Begin to feel new energy flowing into you. If you have difficulty in achieving this try sitting quietly for a few moments, with your eyes closed, and concentrate on your breathing. As you breathe in say to yourself ‘I am breathing in spiritual love and energy’ and as you breathe out say ‘I am cleansing myself of all that is hindering me from living a joyful life’. You will find that this will bring a feeling of peace and calm. You will feel lighter in spirit and will begin to notice all the good things around you. If you can do this when you are sitting outside surrounded by the beauty of nature, when you open your eyes you will find that everything around you has taken on an even more vibrant look – the colours and even the light has changed. You can do this at any time and as often as you wish and every time it will make a difference to how you feel.

This can be particularly effective if you are facing a very busy day with a number of different jobs to do. When you’ve completed one of your jobs pause for a few minutes and do the breathing exercise before you start the next job. You will have used some of your energy completing the first job and will be revitalising yourself for the next job. By allowing yourself a five minute pause before each new job you will find that every job is completed more quickly. If you find this difficult to believe test it for yourself to discover that it’s true. Begin to allow yourself these five minute breaks whenever you are feeling tense or when you have to make a decision or when you are feeling anxious over a situation. The more you practice this the easier it will become and the more benefit you will receive.

Spring – traditionally a time for spring cleaning – let us remember that our minds need spring cleaning. Our minds are the most powerful tools we will ever possess – more powerful than that of any physical matter. If we neglect clearing our minds of negative thoughts that have been clogging up our minds we will not have room to allow in our new beliefs, ideas and opportunities.

Let us make a promise to ourselves. We will start today, NOW, and enjoy the new season and become new, wonderful people, ready to enjoy everything that is good in our lives.

Love & light





Spring is just round the corner. There is evidence of this as the snowdrops and daffodils are in bloom and the bushes and trees are starting to wake up from their winter sleep. It is time for us to waken up to the many opportunities that are waiting for us to notice.

Springtime has a feel of newness about it. The winter can be laid to rest and we can go into the springtime with renewed energy and resolve to start again. If you did the clearing out as suggested in the February Newsletter then you have vacant space to fill. Hopefully you've had time to think about where you're going and how you are proposing to go forward. It is wonderful to have knowledge but if it isn't used and remains solely within your mind then it doesn't lead you forward.

However long we have lived or been interested in Spiritualism we have all learned something that we should be putting to use in our lives. We have all come from different backgrounds with various spiritual beliefs and every now and then we need to look at our beliefs to see whether they are changing.

Our beliefs make a difference to the way we live our lives and affect the people we meet along the way as well as our close family and friends.   There are many people who hold back and are afraid to admit their beliefs to other people. If we deny our beliefs then we also deny the other person the opportunity of asking questions and they may be in need of some answers that we can give.

If we believe in communication between the two worlds then we should not be afraid to admit it. I know that sometimes this communication is not portrayed in a very good light via the media but if you are seeking confirmation that life is eternal there is good evidence to support this belief. The questions of life that remain unanswered do have answers, spiritual answers, and we should continue asking our questions as this is how we learn.

If someone asks you what you believe it makes you stop and consider what you truly believe and their subsequent questions will make you search further into your own beliefs. We are all looking for proof that our loved ones are alive in the Spirit World and they are able to communicate with us. Sometimes we are so eager to believe that we will accept anything as proof without making quite certain. Mediumship in the form of clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience is the gateway to understanding that there is no death. Our loved ones are happy to give us this proof.

There are also the Guides, Helpers and Teachers in the Spirit World who wish to give us so much more. They want to help us to understand that there is purpose to life, it's not an accident that we are living on the earth, at this time, in this particular place. Each of us has our own purpose that fits in with the overall purpose of earthly and spiritual life. There is a special spot reserved for each of us to inhabit and it is this niche that is so important for us to discover.

We fail to realise sometimes that within ourselves we have far more knowledge than we realise and the wisdom to use this knowledge is what we need.   We are often too busy looking outside ourselves rather than looking within.   We have been given thinking minds and freewill and we should all use these gifts.

We limit ourselves by thinking that we can only learn in one way, from attending a particular course or school and that when we leave school our learning ceases. Once we cease learning we limit our lives to what we already know. The School of Life is endless and we are all pupils in this School both when on earth and in spirit. The School of Life exists all the time and whether we benefit from it or not is entirely up to us. We can choose to learn or close our minds and stagnate.

The springtime brings new life, new hope, new ideas, renewed energy and we can choose whether to enjoy these new opportunities. We need to wake up to all the possibilities of life and realise that our spiritual qualities must be awakened. There are many changes occurring in the world at the present time and the spiritual values are becoming more and more important. This is not to say that we can neglect the material side of life as we need this also whilst we are living on the earth. It is learning to find balance in our lives, living the material life in a spiritual way.

To live life fully we have to be awake to everything that is around us.    To listen to what people are saying, to notice when someone needs help, to enjoy the beauty that is around us and be grateful for everything that we have.

However difficult life may have become, however many problems there may be, remember the snowdrops and daffodils and learn from their example. They are heralding spring. They have pushed their way through the hard, cold earth and have triumphed in bringing us such beautiful flowers to enjoy.

We also can and will overcome our problems whatever they may be and emerge triumphant.   We will be stronger people as a result of solving our problems, we will have a greater understanding of our spiritual nature and have a firm belief that as spiritual beings we are temporarily inhabiting our physical body.

May the springtime bring you all fresh energy and the wisdom to use your spiritual gifts.

With love & light


* * * * * * *