Autumn has arrived – we have reached a new season. I’m sure that you will have very mixed feelings about the changing season. Instead of bemoaning the fact that summer is past let us all go forward and enjoy the wonderful colours of autumn. There is something wonderful about the autumn colours, the leaves changing from green to yellow, gold and bronze. They are beautiful to see in all types of weather.


We don’t need to wait for the start of the new year to have a new beginning. We can begin again at any time. Many people are facing new challenges at the present time which makes it even more important to be positive about our future.


Spiritualism offers us hope for now and the future. We know that this earthly life we are living is only a small part of our existence. We know that we are Spirit here and now and that our loved ones who have left the earth are continuing their lives in the Spirit World. We know that they are still connected to us and that they support us even though we are unable to see them. The challenges we face may be different to the ones they had but they are fully aware that we live in a changing world. Unless we can accept the challenges and changes we make our lives more difficult than they need be.


We need to pause for a moment in our busy lives and ask ourselves ‘where am I going’? We are so busy ‘doing’ that we often don’t stop to just ‘be’. If we are not doing something we feel that we are wasting time and yet we really benefit from being still and recovering our energy.


Close your eyes for a moment and consider what is important in your life. Think of the family you belong to, the friends who support you no matter what is occurring in your life, the familiar things that you have around you and the new things that you can discover every day.


Do you remember your first introduction into Spiritualism and the buzz it gave you when you first realised that you hadn’t lost your loved one who had ‘died’? Do you remember how eager you were to hear from them? Do you remember how happy you were to realise that at some time in the future you would be reunited with them? Do you remember how eager you were to attend the next Service to see whether your loved ones came again?


Once you have received your proof that life is eternal it is time to look deeper into the philosophy of Spiritualism. As you look at the philosophy you will find many ways in which this can help you on your earthly journey. The more you discover the more you will want to learn and the more you learn the more you will realise how little you know. This is what makes the research so interesting as it is never ending.


This life is a journey of discovery and it is up to you to take advantage of each step of your journey. Your journey is what you make it as you are creating your tomorrows every moment of your life. If you choose to love your life you will enjoy the journey. You will experience ups and downs during the journey but if at the moment you are having a down time you will know that an up time will follow very soon.


We are never alone even when we think we are. Our Guides and Helpers are always there waiting for us to call them when we need help. We realise that each of us has the potential to develop our spiritual gifts. As we develop these we begin to lead a more balanced and fulfilled life. As we communicate ourselves with those in Spirit we become more aware of our own gifts and how we may use them to help ourselves and others. We also begin to understand our own purpose and why we are living this earthly life. We begin to feel the all pervading sense of love which permeates all life and realise that there are no exclusions.


Sometimes it is the way we are looking at something which needs to change as there are always some things that we cannot change. However there are also many things that we can begin to look at in a different way and when we do this other things, which appear to have been blocked or in our way, change at the same time. Two people can look at the same scenario and have a totally different perspective about it.


Take a little time to pause and reflect on whether the problems you have at the moment can be changed if you look at them in a new way.   Hold onto your hope and the knowledge that this journey of life should be a happy one. You can make it so if you change your view of the difficulties in your life. How often do we hear the words ‘your life will change if you change your thoughts’ and how often do we choose to ignore it.


Let us go into the autumn determined only to choose and see the best in everything and everybody. Let us refuse to consider anything other than we live in a world of love and harmony.


With love & light,


 September 2019 Newsletter



As we go through life we become used to the people around us and the way things are and take them for granted. It is only when someone suddenly passes that we realise that we will not be seeing them physically ever again but the last time you saw them you didn't know that it was the last time.

 This made me think how important it is that we appreciate people each time we meet them and let them know how much they mean to us. We are fortunate that we have the knowledge that when someone passes into the Spirit World we are able to communicate with them and they will know how we feel. However, we should learn to show our appreciation, as we pass through each day, for all the blessings that we have, including the many people in our lives.


I remember many years' ago a lady I knew who had her leg amputated saying, "I didn't realise when I travelled on the bus to work that day that it would be the last time I would get on a bus". It may seem a small thing travelling on a bus but after many years of travelling to work by bus it wasn't until she was unable to get onto a bus that she realised the blessing of having a bus to travel on rather than a long walk to work.


We are living in difficult and turbulent times at the moment and it is even more important that we begin to appreciate every day we live and not take anything for granted. We can only live in the present, this moment, this day. Even though we may have something planned for tomorrow, that we are looking forward to, we cannot be absolutely certain that it will happen. The more we can learn to live each day fully the more we will learn to appreciate everything that is around us.


There are many changes occurring in our world today. This is a change that we cannot alter, we have to accept it but there are many changes where we have a choice. Each day of our lives we can choose whether we live that day or just exist and there is a big difference.


Ask yourself whether you are trying to live now in exactly the same way that you lived five years' ago. If you are then you are not accepting that your life is a life of change and you can choose your pathway. You can make your journey one of joy and eager anticipation of the next steps you will take or sit back and plod through a very uninteresting life.


Remember that you are in control of your life and the choices you have already made have brought you to the place you are in now and the choices you make from now on will carry you forward. If you sit back and let others decide for you the journey will not be the one of your choice and one day you will regret that you didn't make your own decisions.


·        Learn to enjoy every step you take and appreciate all the opportunities that come your way. 

·        Enjoy the company of your family and friends and let them know that you really appreciate them. 

·        Mend any misunderstandings that may be preventing you from feeling at peace with yourself. 

·        Do the very best you can in everything you do whatever the task may be. 

·        Eagerly anticipate every day and choose how you feel as you wake up each day. 

·        Take stock of your life and decide whether you should make any changes. 

·        Don't put off telling someone how much they mean to you. 

·        Live in the present day.


Recently I heard a children's choir singing the following hymn. It took me back to my childhood as I haven't heard this hymn for many years. I quote this below as it seems very appropriate for this month's theme.


Glad that I live am I, that the sky is blue;

Glad for the country lanes and the fall of dew

After the rain the sun, after the sun the rain

This is the way of life till the work is done.


All that we need to do, be we low or high,

Is to see that we grow, nearer to God on high.


This week I watched the film, Pollyanna, on television which follows the same theme. If you haven't seen this film it is well worth buying the DVD. Pollyanna is always looking for things to be glad about and changes many people's lives by asking them what they are glad about. It is a story that has great meaning for all of us and a joy to watch.


As we enter a changing season and watch the changes occurring all around us let us choose to change our lives and really be glad that we have the wonderful gift.


Let us use the knowledge that we have and every day send out loving, healing thoughts to those in need, to all life and to the earth itself.


With love and light


* * * * * ** *