This is a series of 3 illustrated books for pre-school children

These are children's books written by Margarita Day.

They are plastic comb bound with each page laminated for toughness and also for wiping off those sticky finger marks. Each page is illustrated.

The stories are approximately 1,000 words long, in verse for easy listening. Long enough for a bedtime story. Short enough to keep the interest.

The books are to help young pre-school age children to observe and not fear insects and small creatures like spiders. Each book also teaches an important lesson to learn.

The stories are about a cheeky and endearing bumblebee named Bertie Bumble.



Book 1 - Bertie Bumble and the Peanut Butter

Bertie eats too much peanut butter and gets stuck in a jar. Simon Spider and family come to the rescue.

Lesson - Don't be greedy.  ISBN: 978-0-9554880-0-9








Book 2 - Bertie Bumble and the Parcel

Bertie crashes into a car and is wounded. Soldier Ants and Dragonflies come to the rescue.

Lesson - Cross the road properly.  ISBN: 978-0-9554880-1-6






Book 3 - Bertie Bumble and the Picnic

Bertie's raft capsizes and he is being swept away. Gnats and Water Boatmen come to the rescue.

Lesson - Don't play near water.  ISBN: 978-0-9554880-2-3





Price per book  £6.99 + p&p £0.80 to the UK, £1.54 to Europe

Special Price for the set  £16.99 + p&p £1.20 to the UK, £3.10 to Europe

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